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  • Townhouse



    Aspiring architects can build their own luxury townhouse. Customize rooms for Zoey and her pet cat Erwin by mix-and-matching themed wall panels and stickers!

    What’s cool about the Townhouse?

    • Create a multi-story building almost 2 feet high!
    • Customize each room with themed stickers and craft paper
    • Design endless creations with a complete set of Roominate furniture building pieces
    • Add circuitry to make the Townhouse come alive!
    • Use rPower (sold separately) to control the motor from your phone or tablet!
    • Teaches: crafting, interior design, structural engineering


    • 4 pluggable wall/floor panels
    • 52 furniture building pieces
    • 40 connectors
    • 12 columns
    • 2 wheels
    • 2 axles
    • 1 motor
    • 1 battery pack*
    • 1 screwdriver
    • 3 sheets of stickers
    • 1 sheet of wallpapers
    • 1 Zoey doll
    • 1 pet cat Erwin
  • Amusement Park

    Amusement Park


    Build a fun-filled amusement park complete with spinning rides and lighted contraptions galore! With more than 250 building pieces, thrill-seeking designers can build a giant theme park for Alice and her pet dog Harrie!

    What’s cool about the Amusement Park?

    • Build a spinning carousel, giant Ferris wheel, cotton candy maker, and so much more! Includes instructions and more than 250 building pieces to build your favorite amusement park rides.
    • Add a motor and lights to bring the rides to life
    • Includes dozens of stickers to decorate your rides, ticket booth, concession stand, and more!
    • Use rPower (sold separately) to program flashing lights on the giant Ferris wheel and control the speed and direction of the spinning carousel from your phone or tablet!
    • Teaches: circuitry, creativity, physics of spinning


    • 2 wall/floor panels
    • 156 furniture building pieces
    • 96 connectors
    • 8 columns
    • 6 wheels
    • 4 axles
    • 1 motor
    • 2 strings of lights
    • 3 battery packs*
    • 1 screwdriver
    • 1 sheet of stickers
    • 1 Alice doll
    • 1 pet dog Harrie
  • Save Big with Holiday rPower Bundles!

  • Overlay Travel in Style Bundle

    Travel in Style Bundle


    Build your own luxury townhouse and control its elevator from your iPhone with rPower! PLUS get a bonus motor and light strand in the Circuits Pack and an RV to take Emma on a road trip!

  • Overlay Ultimate Adventure Bundle

    Ultimate Adventure Bundle


    Get everything in the Travel in Style Bundle PLUS a fun-filled amusement park AND bonus Architect Pack with even more pieces!

  • Overlay Mega Metropolis Bundle

    Mega Metropolis Bundle


    Get everything in the Ultimate Adventure Bundle PLUS a School House set AND double bonus Circuits and Architect Packs. Design, build, and wire an entire city!

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14 Item(s)