The Best Toy Lightsabers

best toy lightsabers

When the Star Wars film gained popularity, the fictional weapon in the movie, known as lightsabers, captured both children and adults’ imaginations around the globe. The elegant saber of the more civilized age in this …

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How Long is a Lightsaber?

How Long is a Lightsaber

Every Star Wars fan is familiar with the lightsaber, a luminescent blade of magnetically contained plasma, but they are often clueless of how long is a lightsaber when searching for their own high-quality one. Apart …

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The Best Travel Toys for 2 Year Old

best travel toys for 2 year old

Most parents who traveled with their little ones for the first time had a challenging experience. Long trips frequently give rise to boredom for children and lead to fussy episodes. Keeping them occupied with the …

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