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The Best Lego Train Sets

best lego train sets

Lego is known as a plastic building-block toy that is very popular with both kids and adults. These days, there are around a hundred different themes and lego trains’ sets to choose from Frozen to Batman. There’s also the best lego train sets that offer plenty of fun possibilities for people who love trains. One of the things that makes a lego train set enjoyable is the highly detailed appearance and pieces in each set. Moreover, there are some lego trains with motors that can run around the tracks.

With many choices available, it could be tough making a decision. If this is your first time purchasing a lego city passenger train set, my product reviews and buying guide could help you.

Best Lego Train Set Reviews

1. LEGO 60197 City Passenger Train

Lego sets have been popular for years, and it is one of the kids’ favorite toys. If your kid loves trains, this Lego city passenger train toy set would be a perfect gift for any occasion.

This city passenger train set is a large one with 677 pieces. This passenger train is motorized. My son can easily control it with a 10-speed Bluetooth remote and a smartphone app. I also see that the train features creative and authentic details, so you can have great playtime with your kids.

The set includes four mini-figures: a train attendant, a train conductor, and two passengers. Moreover, the package comes with a configurable circular track. When you buy it, you will get two passenger carriages with removable roofs, a cabin with an opening window, a platform with two seats, a train service map, a train signal, and an opening nose cone.

I also bought other original Lego sets, and I can build them together with this lego train set. I think it is great as I can have additional pieces to work with for more creative construction.

Using this train set for an extended period of hours, I have noticed that the train motor consumes many batteries. It requires 10 AAA batteries but it only lasts for a few hours. I also see that the parts of this set are quite small, so I don’t think it is suitable for kids under 3 years old.
  • A large set with 677 pieces
  • Uses a 10-speed Bluetooth remote control
  • Features creative and authentic details
  • Can be built with all original LEGO sets
  • The train motor consumes many batteries for a short period
  • Not for under 3-year-old kids
Overall, I believe that this is an excellent lego city passenger train set. Stocking up many batteries is recommended so your kids can have uninterrupted fun with the Lego train.

2. LEGO 10874 Duplo Steam Train

If you are seeking a simple and child-friendly design lego train set, I would recommend this ideal playset for the whole family. What I like about it is that this Lego Duplo train set has many features and functionality that can entertain my son for hours.

I think it’s convenient as this set works via remote control and a mobile application that can activate the train’s features. Besides, I can run this train set with the push and go motor mode. With a gentle push forward/backward, I can easily make the train run on the track.

The set includes 59 Lego Duplo pieces and 16 tracks that are effortless to build and assemble. It has accessories such as a locomotive drive, an animal figure, child Duplo figures, a harbor boat, a loading station, a cafe, and two cranes.

My son really enjoys this set as the model train has lights, sounds, and movement. There are five different color action bricks, which initiates the said features when placed on the track. I see that it can make the train stop, change direction, or pause for a refuel.

My son had hours of fun creating scenarios with all its pieces. Playing with this lego train set can enhance your kids’ cognitive ability and fine motor skills. So I believe it is a perfect gift for toddlers around the age of two to five.

However, a minor issue I have found is its engine. It doesn’t make chuffing noises and whistleblowing sounds at random. It is silent throughout its trip around the track, so I have to put the action blocks on the tracks to produce some sound effects.
  • Features push and go motor
  • Comes with 59 Lego Duplo pieces
  • Includes active lights, sounds, and movements
  • Encourages learning through fun play
  • The engine doesn’t make noise without the action blocks
All in all, I’m sure this one is a great buy, especially for those who are just starting their collection.

3. LEGO 10847 My First Number Train

Lego blocks are a well-known toy. It has many lego toy variations, including the lego train pieces. Whenever you are planning to buy child-friendly lego trains, you can consider this buildable locomotive number one. It is a famous educational set that encourages learning how to count while having fun.

The lego set includes bricks decorated with numbers 0 to 9, three wagons, two child Lego Duplo minifigures, and one cat figure. Moreover, it is labeled as safe and easy for kids’ little hands. My son loves to build and rebuild this train, and he also learns the numbers while having fun roleplaying.

This modern lego train set has many accessories for various role-play opportunities. I’m sure your kids will love it as they can serve pizzas at the same time, learning about routines, and eating out etiquette. With the help of this train set, my son was able to start learning his numbers and enhanced his creativity.

I find that this colorful educational toy is beneficial in encouraging imaginative play, developing motor skills, and learning numbers for your toddlers and small children. It helped my son a lot in counting while keeping him entertained.

There’s just a small issue that I have detected while looking over this train set. The blocks on the train come apart really easily with just a simple run around the floor. This could be because the blocks’ numbers are not attached to the wagon and just sit on top.
  • A buildable locomotive train set
  • Comes with decorated bricks
  • Easy to build
  • Encourages imaginative play and learning numbers
  • The train set comes apart easily
Overall, this lego train set is an excellent educational toy that parents will love their kids to have.

4. LEGO 60198 City Cargo Train

What makes me put it on my list is that this city cargo train is packed with features and functionality that might be similar and different from others. It comes with 1226 lego pieces, so I think it is a quite large train set.

I see that this lego city train comes with four cars, an armored truck with opening doors, a forklift with lifting forks, a snowmobile, a pallet full of money, and a log wagon. Furthermore, six minifigures (one crook, one security officer, and four train workers) are included in the package. My son had creative and fun playtime when he played with it plus it kept him entertained for hours.

My son can simply control this battery-powered train set with a 10-speed Bluetooth remote. Besides, it features 16 curved rails, 16 straight rails, a control center with ladder, an accessible driver’s cabin, and a railroad switch with the lever.

I like it as the train set is a complete package that allows kids to build their own runway. Furthermore, it is compatible with other Lego construction sets which means more pieces to work with and more fun possibilities. I’m pleased that these pieces are well-designed with great functionality that your kids will surely appreciate playing with.

However, I have found a small problem with this city train set. When I purchased it, I didn’t get any batteries in the package. So I had to buy it separately.
  • Includes 1226 lego pieces
  • Comes with six mini-figures
  • Can be controlled with a 10-speed Bluetooth remote
  • Compatible with all Lego construction sets
  • Does not include batteries
All in all, I think this is a good city cargo train set with many fun accessories included.

5. LEGO 10875 Duplo Cargo Train

If you are looking for a lego cargo train, I believe this set is a perfect choice. This Duplo city cargo train offers many functions and details making it a toy that the whole family can enjoy.

As I see, this cargo train set includes 105 pieces, 24 pieces of tracks, two cargo wagons, two cranes, a boat, a cafe, a harbor, and action bricks. Moreover, there are three Lego Duplo figures: a shop owner, a cargo train driver, and a captain figure.

I can easily put the pieces together. I can also control the set with a remote control application installed on my smartphone. The optional app offers more play possibilities as control options. Another thing I like is that this train set features lights, sounds, and movement that can be activated even without a remote device.

Other notable features include the push and go motor. I can run the train with a gentle push. Also, I can easily turn the lights on/off, change the train’s direction, and sound its horn with five colored action bricks attached to the tracks.

I think this train set can promote and encourage your kids’ development at a young age. By playing with this toy, it enhances their fine motor skills, cognitive ability, and language.

The problem that I don’t like is the buzzing electric motor of the locomotive. It is too loud for me.
  • Includes 105 pieces that are easy to build
  • Features active lights, sounds, and movement
  • Encourages kid’s development
  • Can be operated without a remote
  • The buzzing electric motor sound is a bit noisy
In general, this model lego train set is one of the right Lego train sets for those who are buying their first set.

6. LEGO 75955 Hogwarts Express Train

This lego train based on the Hogwarts Express is one of the many assortments that you can get. Kids who are fans of the Harry Potter book and movie series can enjoy a creative play with this train set consisting of 801 lego pieces.

I’m impressed that this Hogwarts Express train is a detailed replica from the train to the 9¾ platform and railway bridge. Moreover, the package includes removable side panels and a roof for a more creative play.

My son really loves this lego train set as it has various other accessories and minifigures such as Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, Trolley Witch, Dementors, and Scabbers figures. So I’m sure to say that the possibility of different stories and imaginative play with this Hogwarts Express is endless.

With all these, my son can recreate his favorite scenes or make his own. He can order candy from the Trolley Witch or fly the Dementor into the carriage. There is also a moving brick wall entrance where the figures can go through.

I also bought some Lego original sets and toy vehicles, and I see that this train set is compatible with all of them. So you can expand this lego set and build it with other Lego sets to have more fun and enjoyable play with your kids.

There are some issues with this Harry Potter train set. The first one is it is not a motorized train, my son can only play with it by manually pushing. Another thing I have found is that there are no tracks included in the package.
  • A detailed replica of the train in the movie
  • The side panels and roof are removable
  • Comes with Harry Potter mini-figures
  • Can be built with other Lego original sets
  • Not a motorized train set
  • Not include tracks
I believe this Harry Potter train product is one of the top-rated lego train sets to buy. Despite the issues mentioned, the train still works great even without the locomotive motor and the tracks.

7. LEGO 60197 Passenger Train Building

If you are browsing the Internet for the best toy with the basic layout that can entertain your kids for long hours, you can opt for these right lego train sets. It is not only for kids but for the whole family.

I’m sure to say that this lego city passenger train is equipped with features and details well-loved by many. This set includes 677 pieces compatible with all the other original Lego sets and building bricks.

Some of the accessories included in this city train set are two cars, signals, a platform, and a configurable circular track. Moreover, there are four minifigures in the lego set: a train attendant, a train conductor, and two passengers. There is plenty of room for open-ended play for your kids’ imagination.

With a 10-speed Bluetooth remote, my son can easily control and operate this lego city passenger train locomotive. I can also expand this city train set for my son with other original Lego sets since it is designed to be compatible with them.

The train has authentic design and details. My son had hours of fun roleplaying with these lego pieces. The roof of the car is removable as well as the seats and tables in the cafe car. He can pick up passengers from the platform and let travelers board. With this set, he can create lots of his own stories

There is a small issue with the train tracks that I have noticed. I saw that they worked well, but it was only available in one layout, which was the basic circular track. Making loops and other forms were not possible.
  • Includes 677 Lego pieces
  • Comes with configurable train tracks
  • Uses a 10-speed Bluetooth remote
  • Compatible with other Lego train sets
  • Features authentic details and design
  • The track is only available in the basic circle layout
These Lego ones are excellent lego city train sets that are worth buying. While the tracks are only available in the basic layout, it works really well together with the high-speed passenger train.

8. LEGO 10894 Toy Story Train

For years, kids have had an interest in Legos and train sets. When combined, it creates a toy that can keep their attention for hours every day.

I want to put this lego train product on my review as this lego model train inspired by the Toy Story is a big hit for many fans of the movie. As I see, it is easy to build a Lego steam train with 21 pieces of parts and accessories.

This locomotive set includes two Lego Duplo figures, Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Your kids will have a great time imagining their own scenarios with these well-loved characters. My son can efficiently run this toy train with hands-on control; just a little push makes it move.

I like that this colorful model train encourages learning through play. Plus, it can enhance your children’s creativity and fine motor skills. My son does not only have loads of fun playing with this lego train set, but he can also develop some skills.

Other features of this Lego train set include a train roof that opens and small pieces for a realistic set-up. There’s also one lasso, one cactus, one wanted poster, and a bank vault that will set the two figures in an adventure of protecting the money from the evil Dr. Pork Chop.

However, I see that there are no tracks included in this Lego set. It has wider wheels, which means that it wasn’t designed for trail tracks at all.
  • Easy to build
  • Comes with two Lego Duplo figures
  • Enhances kid’s creativity and fine motor skills
  • Includes many accessories for fun play
  • Does not include tracks
All lego train sets are an excellent purchase for anyone looking for the right lego train sets. Take note that there are no tracks in this set, but it works well even without it.

9. LEGO 60205 City Tracks

There is no question of how fun it is to play with lego model trains. It is also great to have additional tracks if the one included in the package you have is not sufficient. If you are looking for additional tracks for a few extra pieces on your current train track, then you can consider buying this one.

I see that this lego train tracks contains 20 pieces of train tracks including eight straight, eight flexible tracks, and four curved tracks. What I like about this train product is that these tracks are compatible with all the other original Lego buildings and Lego bricks.

I can build a bigger train system with this pack of tracks. It is enough to extend the track that you have without worrying about whether they fit or not.

Furthermore, having a longer track for your lego train enhances your kids’ train play and creativity. My son enjoys playing this set as he can try lots of layouts and have more obstacles to set-up for his city cargo train. This will lengthen your kids’ current train tacks and extend the fun of running their lego train.

However, there is a minor issue with this lego train track set. I cannot build loops with these tracks. The flexible track pieces are not adjustable and have the same radius as the fixed curved pieces. So what you are getting really is a larger circle layout.
  • Can extend existing tracks
  • Includes 20 track pieces
  • Compatible with any original Lego building sets
  • Enhances train play and creativity
  • You cannot build a loop out of the tracks
Overall, I believe this lego track set is a great product. With its extended tracks, you and your kids will have a wonderful time playing together.

10. LEGO 70424 Ghost Train Express

Kids are fond of building things; thus, legos are popular with them. Trains are also well-loved by the young generations, making lego train sets an excellent toy for any age.

For fans of the Hidden Side, I’m sure this lego train set will be to your liking. It is designed and has features inspired by the movie in frustration-free packaging. The set includes 698 lego pieces and I can assemble them easily. The package consists of five minifigures: J.B., Ms. Santos, Chuck, and the heroes Jack Davids and Parker L.

This legos train one will let your kids enjoy hours of imaginative play with the best ghost-hunting adventures. I also find that this Ghost Train Express building set is well-matched with all other original Lego toys and train tracks.

A fully interactive experience is made possible with an augmented reality application compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Although it has these features, my son can play with the train set without a tablet or smartphone.

Another cool feature of this haunted train is that it can turn into a possessed flying train. No need for remote control, I can simply press the roof of the train and it initiates the transformation.

There are many things your kids can enjoy in this train set, but I have found a slight issue with the augmented reality game. Although it is fun, there is little variation in the game. After I finished it, there was nothing more to it.
  • Includes 698 lego pieces
  • Comes with an augmented reality app
  • Has five mini-figures of characters from the movie
  • Compatible with all original Lego toys and train tracks
  • The train can be transformed into a possessed flying train
  • The augmented reality game has little variation
This lego set’s details and features are outstanding, and the augmented reality game adds more fun to the experience. Although there is hardly any variation to the game, I think it is still fun to play the set without the application.

11. LEGO 60198 City Cargo Train

A wide selection of lego toys is available in different kinds and themes, so children can surely find one that appeals to them the most. If you love a set that you can have hours of fun with your kids, you will like this one. This Lego cargo train is a relatively large set with 1226 pieces.

I see that the train set includes four cars, a control center, a forklift, an armored truck, and rail tracks. My son and I had extended hours of fun building the tracks and moving the train.

I can easily control the train with a 10-speed Bluetooth remote. Furthermore, the set features many accessories like an extendable crane, a container car, and a control center with signal lights for traffic. With these, your kids can create different fun scenarios with them.

As I see, the set includes six mini-figures: one crook, one security officer, and four train workers. My son really enjoys playing it with his friend as they can have many possibilities of imaginative and open-ended play.

I find that this lego train set has pieces that are well-matched and compatible with all Lego construction sets I bought. So your children will have more freedom trying out different track layout and working with other lego pieces.

This train set comes with many pieces. It takes me long hours to assemble the locomotive and put everything together.
  • A large set with 1226 lego pieces
  • Comes with six mini-figures
  • Features open-ended play and imagination
  • Compatible with all lego construction set
  • Assembling takes time and a lot of patience
All in all, with a bit of patience for assembling, I believe this product is an excellent lego train set worth purchasing.

12. LEGO 60051 City Passenger Train

When it comes to lego toys, you can never go wrong with any variation. Even with old lego trains, everything is worth looking into.

I’m pleased that this high-speed passenger train is high-quality and features details and functions that are entertaining to children. I like this set as the motorized locomotive has an 8-channel and I can control it easily with a 7-speed infrared remote.

What I love most is that this is a streamlined and super-efficient lego high-speed passenger train, so it can provide a fun playtime for my son. The front profile and electricity contact points on the top are in charge of the train’s fast-paced movement.

I find that this set includes three mini-figures: a train driver, a cyclist, and a traveler. Other features include a small platform with two seats, a warning sign, light, crossing, a map of train services, removable roofs, and many more.

The set is full of a circular track that you can run the train on. Each curved rail track measures 2” wide and 5” long. On the other hand, the straight tracks measure a little over the curved tracks’ dimensions. There are 610 pieces in the package, and I see that they are well-matched with all Lego construction sets.

I have noticed a small problem with this city cargo train set. The train track of this one is short. It could be because it’s an older model, but getting more tracks can probably address this issue.
  • Can be controlled with a 7-speed infrared remote
  • Comes with three mini-figures
  • Features many functionalities
  • Includes a full circular track
  • Compatible with all lego construction sets
  • The train track is short
Overall, I believe this high-speed passenger train model that zooms fast is a great purchase for you.

What to Look for When Buying Lego Train Sets


My lego trains products’ reviews have given you an idea of the good and bad sides of some lego city train sets from different brands. This time, my buying guide will advise you on what factors you should look for to buy the best train legos set.


The more track pieces there are, the longer the length of the railways would be. It is also fun to watch the cargo train go through different loops, routes, and obstacles. Moreover, this allows kids’ creative thinking and motor skills to flourish, trying out different layouts.

When looking at the right lego train sets for sale, it is crucial to consider the types of tracks included in the package. There are times when a set comes with many pieces but is only capable of the basic circular layout. Opt for one with curves that allow the creation of narrow loops as you can switch tracks with them.

It would also be great if the track pieces can be easily joined together and compatible with other original Lego tracks. This way, if you have existing tracks, you can use them to save money from buying track sets.


Many Lego trains’ sets come with one remote control, but there is still a small number of models that are not motorized. The choice for this one depends largely on preference. However, there is no doubt that many people prefer the remote control lego trains.

If you want the kids to have an easy time controlling the train through a remote, then the motorized locomotive version is ideal. But the manual operation is also beneficial to kids as it can enhance their motor skills.


In my products reviews section, I have looked into a high-speed passenger train and city cargo train. While most lego trains have the speed to whiz around the tracks, some only have the ‘high-speed’ design. Moreover, you can’t particularly consider a lego electric train fast if it’s going around a small train track.

If you prefer a relatively faster train set, you should consider the locomotive’s motor and the controls. The majority of Legos trains are powered by a battery and come with a remote; however, some are still not motorized and can only be operated manually. With the help of a remote, kids can control the train’s speed and set them in the fastest mode possible.

So always bear in mind to go beyond the toy train’s appearance and inquire about its motor. A high-speed looking train model doesn’t always mean it can run fast on the tracks.


There are many Lego accessory items available on the market if you want to add more to your train sets. Almost all Lego train sets come with several accessories like cargo wagons, a train driver, a train conductor, and a train station. In the case of a themed train set, the figures are based on the movie’s characters or show. Furthermore, you can get train stations and cars, which can surely improve kids’ playing experience, thus improving their creative thinking process.

For those who want to add more items to your train sets, you can purchase extra parts since most of the Lego sets are compatible with each other, from buildable blocks to tracks. If you have more accessories for the locomotive, it will allow your kids to have more imagination and play possibilities.


There are many cheap lego train sets that you can purchase in the market, and there are also mid-range to expensive ones. However, a higher price doesn’t always mean a high-quality set. Although this is often true, it is still essential to consider some factors before deciding on the top-rated lego train set.

Seeking the top-rated lego train sets takes up a lot of your time. By looking at different factors and being aware of which ones are better, you can cut down and save time. So if you are planning to purchase a lego set train toy, feel free to refer to my buying guide.

Frequently Asked Questions


There is no need to be embarrassed if you have lots of questions regarding lego passenger trains, especially if you are buying your first lego train toy. It is necessary to be careful in choosing the right lego train sets, so take your time.

After going through my buying guide, I have this section to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about buying Lego train sets and lego city train track sets. I hope that after going through this, all your lego locomotive questions will be answered.

What are the most trusted lego train set brands?

All Lego train sets are of the highest quality, but some are more popular than the others. One of the reasons why they stand out is that they are the most trusted lego train sets.

  • Duplo Train

For toddlers and younger kids, Duplo sets are widely loved because they have larger pieces than the basic ones, ideal for kids’ little hands. This also means it poses a lesser risk of being swallowed.

  • City Cargo

The more accessories the more fun – that is what this train set about. City cargo trains are well-known because this set includes a wide range of great items for a more interactive experience. Lego figures like a train driver, a train conductor, and a train station are also in the train set. Most trains in this set are powered by a motor and can be controlled with a remote.

  • Lego Creator

The lego Maersk train is the best fit for older children. They come with more pieces that are complex to assemble. It is a real challenge that can improve children’s problem-solving skills and keep them engaged for long hours.

How much money can earn when re-selling a Lego train?

Are you thinking about selling your legos? You definitely can. Many people are looking to sell their old Lego train sets.

Depending on the condition, completeness, theme/franchise of the train sets, your lego collections price can be determined. Due to this, I cannot give out a certain amount on how much money your lego trains might cost. However, many websites can help you determine how much your Lego sets are worth. You can also ask for help from local lego collectors in your area.

How many Lego train sets are there?

There is a wide range of lego train sets available, but I will divide them into three main categories which are the most common and popular types of lego trains nowadays.

  • Motorized

This type of train set moves on their own power and can be controlled with a remote. In older models, an infrared remote is used or a button/lever on the train. For newer models, they used Bluetooth that connects to Android and Apple devices. The Bluetooth controlled motorized locomotive usually has more features and sometimes an augmented reality feature.

All motorized lego train sets can be operated manually. Without the batteries of the remote, kids can push the train by hand.

  • Duplo

This type of Lego is specially designed for younger kids, ages two and up. The pieces and blocks in this set are twice bigger compared to the traditional style. With this size, it is easier for kids’ small hands to hold and lessens the pieces’ choking hazards.

  • Licensed

Lego train sets that fall into this category are themed trains like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Marvel. The train and accessories in these sets are all based on the movie and show for a realistic and fun playtime.

How to use it?

A train set comes with all the necessary pieces. When unboxing a package, you will usually have a train toy, tracks, controller, and accessories. It is reasonably easy to use, starting with the assembly of the pieces.

First, the tracks should be assembled on a flat surface, so there are no bumps on the finished railway track. Then, you simply place the train toy on the track and let it run on it either with a remote or by hand. The accessories, such as figures and cars, create an interactive play where kids can recreate scenes or make their own.

How to care for and clean?

The key for a lego train set to last a long time is to care for and clean it regularly. To clean your locomotive lego bricks of dust and remove scratches, here are some things you can do.

For generally dirty legos, a thorough washing is advised. Use lukewarm water no hotter than 40 degrees Celsius and a sponge or soft cloth. Adding mild detergent in the water is ideal if the grime and dirt are too stuck. Once you are done, you can rinse the pieces with clear water. To dry, lay the pieces out over a towel and let them dry naturally. Using a hairdryer set to cold and blowing it over the bricks can speed up the process.

Never use a dishwasher or washing machine to clean your lego pieces. Don’t dry them on the microwave/oven or with a hot dryer as the lego pieces may change shape and not work anymore.


The best lego train sets are perfect for avid builders and kids who love trains and Legos. This train toy is a popular and well-loved product that is ideal for people of all ages.

Since there are many choices and options, finding the best ones among the bunch could be challenging. This is why I’ve come up with a products’ review and buying guide as well as a FAQ section. I hope that with all these, I can help you narrow down your choices.

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