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The Best Optimus Prime Toys

best optimus prime toy

If your child loves robotic vehicles, they are probably a Transformers fan and know who Optimus Prime is. The movie is popular with children of all ages, and even adults watch it. Who wouldn’t be amazed by robots that transform into trucks, cars, and tanks? Most children do, which is why it won the hearts of many.

It is no surprise that Transformers toys have gained critical acclaim worldwide. I bet your children also want their own transforming Optimus Prime. And as a parent, you might be thinking about how to pick the best Optimus prime toy for your kid. We all want a high-quality child-friendly product that doesn’t break the bank.

That’s a start; let me add that before you purchase a new Optimus Prime toy, take a look at my product reviews list and buying guide. You will surely find them quite useful when browsing for the best version of Optimus Prime.


Best Optimus Prime Toy Reviews

1. Transformers Heroic Optimus Prime Action Figure

For children who are big Transformers fans, an Optimus Prime bot is the best gift to give them. Just imagine seeing the smile on their faces when they open it and take out the transformers Optimus prime toy.

Are you looking for an Autobot toy to purchase? Consider this class Optimus Prime product that has captivated children for generations. I like to put this prime set on my list as it is an Optimus Prime robot that can change into the iconic blue and red car, as seen in the Transformers series. So, my son can play with it as a robot or a vehicle giving him an option, making his play experience extra fun.

I like that the conversion of this best Optimus prime toy is relatively easy with just six simple steps. My son who is six years old wants to start collecting Transformers robots and this prime set makes it possible to do so.

This 11-inches tall Autobot toy is a part of the Commander Series which can be expanded by purchasing more sets. My son can now have an extended play with more pieces to use on his pretend to play reenactment of the Autobots and Decepticon battle.

There is just a minor issue that I have noticed, the head of this prime robot form can be removed easily. While you can put it back just as quickly, it can get annoying at times as it continues to come off every play. This is not much of a problem with my 6-year-old son but if you have a toddler it can cause a choking hazard.
  • Two play modes
  • Easy to convert
  • Part of a collectible line
  • Expandable set
  • The head comes off easily
For those looking to purchase their first Autobot leader droid, you can think about getting this Optimus prime version as a gift for your child. Despite the issue, this Autobot prime item is still a good Optimus Prime product to consider.

2. Playskool Heroes Optimus Prime Action Figure

Re-enacting Transformers scenes is always fun and exciting. Children, and even adults, would be unquestionably extra animated to re-do the scenes with Optimus Prime toys.

Check out this fun and oversized Transformers toy that is recommended for children ages 3 to 7. I would like to recommend this design as it is a robot that can be converted to a car, which offers two play modes for exhilarating playtime.

My son recognizes the iconic red and blue color of the Autobot leader Optimus Prime and he wants it for his birthday. He watches the animated TV show and is a big fan of the Transformers series.

What makes this prime an ideal toy for my son is it offers a stress-free and fun playtime experience. This is because this best Optimus prime version is designed for easy transformation from robot mode to vehicle mode and back with just one simple step.

Furthermore, I like how this transforming prime item can entertain my son for hours and inspire his creativity. He can make up his own story with this realistically designed Transformer bot and I love how he enjoys it so much.

Everything is almost perfect with this Optimus Prime robot, with one exception. I have noticed that many small parts of this transformation prime item can be generated from this, so it is not ideal for children under 3 years. But it is still possible to lose some pieces when it comes off.
  • Two play modes
  • As seen in the TV show
  • Easy to convert
  • Inspires imaginative play Jetwing
  • Can cause a choking hazard
This simple character of Optimus Prime is a decent product that you can purchase for your child. But there is a warning for choking hazards, so if you have a toddler, this prime version is not an option you’d want to consider.

3. Transformers Alternate Universe Optimus Prime Figure

For the perfect transforming robot, why don’t you buy your child an Optimus Prime product? I’m sure your child will have a good time recreating memorable scenes from the Michael Bay Transformers Movies.

Let’s take a look at one of the best Optimus Prime inspired by the 1986 film. The grayscale sparkle decorations are a close replica of the movie’s Optimus Prime when his death causes all of his color to seep away. This prime version is different from the one most fans these days know, but this one is a classic that they can surely appreciate having.

One of the things I love about this 7-inches tall prime robot is that it appeals to my son. He likes that it comes with an in-color Matrix of Leadership that fits snugly inside the chest compartment of Optimus Prime.

While playing with this prime version, my son often pretends to remove the vibrant piece and imagines passing it on just like in the movie we saw. Another time, I saw him placing the robot on the converted truck and told me that he was laying the legendary leader to rest. I am so happy to see him enjoying himself with this Optimus prime toy.

I am happy that my son is having a good time with this prime product. No whining to me about converting the toy since he can do it himself in 35 steps. I also love that it encourages him to use his imagination. However, it is noticeable that the trailer is flimsy when not handled with care. My son is careful with his toys, so I don’t have this problem at all.
  • Inspired by the 1986 film
  • Comes with an in-color Matrix of Leadership
  • Features a classic conversion in 35 steps
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • The trailer is flimsy
This prime version of the Optimus Prime is great for those who have seen the 1986 film. There are also great attributes that make playtime more engaging. Just be careful in handling the trailer.

4. Transformers WFC-S11 Optimus Prime Action Figure

Both young toddlers and adults have an interest in robots that are capable of transforming into cars. Transformers gained the attention of many and led them into purchasing action figures.

Many children love role-playing their favorite movie scenes, my son does it all the time. He really likes the War for Cybertron: Siege Optimus Prime, so I bought this prime version for him. It is great that this best Optimus prime is a part of a collection, so when he wants to expand his collection, I can buy more bots. These get him more immersed in playing with the toys.

Since it is part of a collection, other weapons of the robot in the line are compatible with the figures. My son is fond of collecting droid accessories to expand his action figures’ arsenal to build a bigger weapon loadout.

The classic transformation of this 11-inches tall Optimus Prime robot is fantastic as what my child describes it. He had a good time converting it into a cybertronian armored truck mode in just 27 easy steps. There are times when he would struggle but he gets through it which I am proud of.

Another thing I like about this transformation version is that it comes with a customizable weapon load which allows my son to configure the weapons of the figure. Moreover, there is an option to add a battle effect with the fireblast accessory.

This prime version offers many options for expansion with additional weapons that are compatible with each other. But there is an issue that I need to point out. As observed, there are some parts in this robot that don’t seem to transform well.
  • Part of a collectible series
  • Features classic conversion
  • Comes with a customizable weapon load
  • Expandable weapon selection
  • Has a lot of pieces that don’t transform well
This Optimus Prime g1 toy is full of many features and accessories that children will surely love. As being from one of the biggest Optimus prime toy brands, It is a great Autobot that you might want to consider for your child.

5. Transformers Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots Energize

Finding good Transformers toys is what every parent would do for their child. Nothing beats quality toys that a kid can play with for a long time.

I prefer prime toys with two modes of play like this Optimus Prime rescue robot. My son likes Transformers toys that can turn into a robot mode from a semi-truck mode and back again. So, you can consider this one as a perfect gift for your children since it is just perfect.

There’s no frustration when this Optimus prime toy comes to transforming since it is designed to be converted back and forth with ease. It only takes my son less than a minute and one simple step. Moreover, the size is just right for his little fingers

This 6.5-inches tall prime version comes with accessories like the energizer gear rescue saw that my son can attach to the robot in both modes. He also plays pretend with them like cutting any obstacles that hinder him from saving the day.

This is a really great product, but there is just a small drawback. The head of the robot doesn’t compact well when in vehicle mode. It cannot stay closed. My son needed to keep on trying to push it to hide it the first time he got a hold of but it didn’t budge. In the end, he gave up and just played with it that way.
  • Has two modes of play
  • Inspired by the animated TV show
  • Comes with a rescue saw accessory
  • Easy to convert
  • The head doesn’t stay closed when in vehicle mode
Overall, if you prefer a bigger than usual droid for your child, then you should think about getting this prime version. However, be informed that the head of the robot doesn’t stay closed when in vehicle mode.

6. Transformers Series 05 Voyager Class Optimus Prime

When it comes to the Transformers series, many generations love Optimus Prime. He is the leader of the Autobots and is the strongest of them all.

My son wants an Optimus Prime action figure, so I got this one inspired by the iconic forest fight scene. This multicolored Optimus Prime’s scale reflects its size in the movie which is amazing. We watched episodes in the Michael Bay Transformers Movies and I can say that it looks a lot like in the Transformers film.

There are times when my son will get frustrated trying to transform a robot into a vehicle mode but it is different from this one. It takes 35 easy steps to convert this prime toy and while it is a lot it is a challenge but not impossible for him. Besides, I kept on encouraging him because I was aware that it can develop his hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

I like that this 9.5-inches tall transformation toy comes with a removable backdrop display since I often take pictures of his action figures. Moreover, it makes his imaginative play more fun and realistic which for me is important.

The package comes with two weapon accessories and an instruction manual. There is just a small thing that I don’t like about this prime set. The conversion instruction can get confusing sometimes. My son often comes to me to ask, but even I cannot understand some parts of it. It took us a lot of time before we were able to figure out how to convert it the right way.
  • Inspired by the iconic forest fight scene
  • Easy to convert in 35 steps
  • Features a removable backdrop display
  • Comes with accessories
  • The instruction can get confusing
These transformation toys, with their weapon accessories, are a great way to tickle children’s imagination. Despite the minor problem, these items are still good sets that you can consider.

7. Transformers WFC-E11 Optimus Prime Action Figure

When looking for the best Transformation toys to give to a kid or an adult, consider getting them the right Optimus Prime toy. Re-enacting the best scenes from the movie is always a fun experience.

I always highlight the importance of encouraging my kid’s imaginative play. By buying him this Optimus Prime robot, I want my son to reenact his favorite scenes from the Transformers movies. What I like about this 7-inches tall set is it being a part of a collection which means he can expand his set and extend his play.

This Earthrise collectible bot features robot toys that can be converted into a modular battle station mode which is what my son prefers. It allows him to connect it with other sets and have more pawns to work with for his own made-up adventures and stories.

Another thing that makes me excited about this set is that it comes with weapons and accessories. In detail, it includes an Ion Blaster Matrix of Leadership and a trailer. I also like that converting this robot into the classic G1 mode takes only 35 easy steps. It is enough challenge for my son without him getting frustrated.

My son is really fond of the Transformers Universe map that comes in each set of the collection. There is also a red decoder to unlock the hidden path on the map. Now we are saving up to buy the other set so we can collect all the pieces and complete the map.

There is just a minor issue that I have observed with the trailer accessory of this Optimus Prime. It is hollow plastic and feels small for the action figure.
  • Expandable with other sets
  • Convertible to a modular battle station
  • Comes with accessories
  • Includes a piece of a map and a decoder
  • Hollow plastic trailer
In my opinion, this is one of the best Optimus Prime toys with extra collectible pieces, even if it comes with a hollow plastic trailer.

8. Transformers WFC-S13 Ultra Magnus Action Figure

The legacy of the Transformers has been passed on to many generations. There are still many children who love the film and are very fond of the action figures of the film’s characters.

For classic G1 Optimus Prime action figures inspired by the War of Cybertron: Siege movie, this one is pretty good. I like how it is part of an expansive ecosystem of collectible series. I and my son always want to have an option to expand the set by purchasing other toys in the collection.

This 7-inches tall scale bot features a challenging conversion from robot mode to armored truck in just 26 steps. My son often uses the trailer parts to armor it up and convert it into a combat-ready mode. He had a fun time transforming it and there was no boring time when he was playing with it.

The package comes with five weapon accessories and seven armor accessories so configuring a custom weapon is possible. For a bigger loadout, we can always purchase more bots in the collection since all weapons are compatible with each other.

There is just a minor problem that I have noticed while my son is playing with this product. Putting together all the weapons and accessories, there are times when the converting process has become complicated and challenging. I always give him a hand on this and everything seems okay after that.
  • A collectible figure
  • Expandable with other sets
  • Convert to a combat-ready mode
  • Customizable weapons and loadout
  • Transformation is inconvenient
With challenges and lots of accessories to work with, this set from one of the biggest Optimus prime toy brands is definitely what you are looking for. While the transformation is cumbersome, it adds an entertaining value for a child.

9. Playskool Heroes Knight Watch Optimus Prime

Many unique toys are available in the market, including ones that have the Transformers theme. There is a wide variety of options for toys inspired by the franchise.

Kids with small hands like my son can enjoy playing with this 2-in-1 Optimus Prime Rescue Bot. It can transform from a knight mode to a dinosaur mode in just a few easy steps making it ideal for children ages 3 to 7. If you have a child in this age range, I can recommend this right Optimus prime toy to you.

I like that it is designed for an easy 2 Do conversion in just a single step. My son was having fun transforming the knight mode to dinosaurs mode plus he can attach the included shield and lance without any hassle.

The package includes an Optimus Prime and two mini configures: Lance the Raptor Bot and Scale the Shield Bot. It allows my son to imagine many kinds of creative scenes and put his creativity at work. Besides, it helps encourage many useful skills that can help my son when he grows up.

Other rescue bots can collect and build a rescue team. The option to expand the set is an excellent addition to extend the kid’s playtime. But there is a minor problem that I want to point out. There is no instruction manual included in the set, so assembly is totally up to the adults and kids.
  • 2-in-1 knight and dinosaur
  • Comes with two mini con droids
  • Easy to convert
  • Ideal for small hands
  • No instruction is included
Overall, this set is one of the best Optimus prime transformations that you can consider buying. While there is no instruction included in the package, conversion and assembly are relatively easy, so it’s not much of a problem.

10. Transformers Turbo Changer Optimus Prime

Do you and your kid share enthusiasm over the Transformer franchise? Then you can buy Transformers figures and have a fun time bonding with your little one.

I bought this Optimus Prime action figure that features a movie-like and detailed design for my son. In detail, the figure appearance is based in The Last Knight movie, where the greatest protector flies to outer space to conquer a dangerous threat that might end the human race or what my kid said so. He can make his own space adventure and let out his imagination and creativity.

This figure has two play modes. My son can convert it from robot mode to truck mode and vice versa. It is ideal for young ones since it is easy and quick to transform. Besides, it presents a fun and exciting roleplay opportunity that he can enjoy for hours.

My son often play-pretends and suits up this figure in less than a minute, thanks to its easily activated knight armor power-up. To suit up, he simply flips the helmet over the head while it is in robot mode. Now, Optimus Prime transformation is battle-ready to take on the enemies.

While this is an excellent Transformers figure, I have noticed an issue. You must be extra careful in handling this one, specifically when transforming it. As I see, the pieces can break off easily and are pretty delicate. Moreover, if it breaks off into smaller pieces, it can cause a choking hazard.
  • Comes with detailed design
  • Has two play modes
  • Quick conversion
  • Features a knight armor power-up
  • Pieces can break off easily
Overall, this is a decent set that you can buy. It is great for older kids who don’t usually throw their toys around since they easily break off.

11. Transformers Series 44 Optimus Prime Action Figure

A high-quality and child-friendly toy is what all parents want. When it comes to Transformers toys, it is no exception.

For those who like their Transformers action figure to have many accessories and movie-accurate designs, then you can consider getting this set. It is an 8.5-inches tall scale studio series leader class robot featuring a highly articulated and vivid movie-inspired deco. My son loves the details and the fact that the packaging is inspired by the battle of Chicago.

Furthermore, it comes with five detailed accessories and a trailer. I like my son to have an expandable set so we can add more action bots later and this set delivers. We are already thinking of getting the studio series 35 so that my son can form a jet power Optimus Prime with the leader class Jetfire figure parts.

The conversion is frustration-free and easy with just 44 steps. He likes that there’s an accessory that converts into Batwing Tech so he can have a Jetwing Optimus Prime. I prefer this one because he can have three iconic modes for a fun and exciting play. Plus there’s a removable backdrop for taking photos.

This sure is a decent set but there seems to be a minor problem with the trailer. My son noticed that he cannot attach it securely to the figure. He tried sitting it on the back of the Optimus Prime but it fell off several times. We had to tape it securely to maintain its form.
  • Collectible action figure
  • Comes with detailed accessories
  • Has three iconic modes
  • Removable backdrop
  • The trailer doesn’t attach securely to the figure
All in all, I think this prime model is perfect for your kids. This is one of the best Optimus prime transformations that works just fine even without the trailer that doesn’t peg securely on the robot mode Optimus Prime.

12. Transformers Bumblebee Action Figure

Optimus prime and bumblebee toys are very famous for fans of the Transformers series. They are one of the most well-loved characters, and there’s no surprise in that.

My son loves the Transformers Bumblebee film, so I got him this Optimus Prime action figure. This has eye-catching details that are similar to the movie and he plays with it for hours.

The set comes with an Energon Igniter core, which is the lifeblood of the Transformers robots, that can be inserted into the core of the truck mode figure. My son activates it with ease and has epic roleplay action that I am always fond of watching.

As I repeatedly mentioned before, it is great to have an expandable set to have an option of adding more bots and accessories. I prefer it this way so my son can have more figures and weapons for a more exciting roleplaying.

In just ten steps, this best Optimus prime toy can change from a robot to a classic truck. My son finds the conversion really easy and even his friends who are a year or two younger than him have no trouble playing with it.

There is no doubt that this Optimus Prime figure is impressive, but there is a small issue that I have observed. Some pieces pop off when my son works on converting the figure to a truck and even the other way around. But don’t worry, even though they come apart easily, you can still pop the pieces back on despite them coming.
  • Features eye-catching details
  • Comes with an Energon igniters core
  • Expandable set
  • Easy conversion
  • The pieces easily pop off
Summing up the pros and cons of this prime product, it is a decent Transformers figure that you can purchase. It could be a challenge to convert it with the pieces coming off, but you can put it back on, and it works great again.

13. Transformers Series 38 Optimus Prime Action Figure

Toys inspired by the Transformers series are well-loved by a lot of people. If your children are also fans of it, you can consider this product from one of the biggest Optimus prime toy brands as a gift for them.

This 6.5-inches tall scale figure boasts vivid and movie-inspired details based on the iconic San Francisco Bridge movie scene that my son is so fond of. Besides, this Optimus Prime action figure is highly articulated that I prefer for him.

This top-rated Optimus prime toy is a big-screen inspired figure that can make roleplay more realistic and enjoyable for extended hours of fun. The set also includes a removable backdrop, which is useful when I take photos of the action figure.

I love that this prime is a collectible figure since there’s an option to expand the set by buying other robots in the line. The more there is in the set; the more imaginative and creative he can get.

My son can convert this classic Optimus Prime action figure into a truck and this one takes 35 steps. This prime is perfect and ideal for him because he likes to be challenged with advanced transforming figures.

However, there is a small issue that I want to point out with this action prime figure. After a careful look, I found that some parts were loose and in danger of popping off. When the pieces come off, it can cause a choking hazard making it not ideal for younger kids.
  • Features vivid and movie-inspired details
  • Removable backdrop
  • Collectible action figure
  • Has two iconic modes
  • Some parts are loose
I believe this prime design is a good one that features movie-inspired details that are pretty accurate. Just make sure to keep an eye on some loose parts that can completely pop off and cause a choking hazard.

14. Family Smiles RC Transforming Robot Toy Car

A robot that can turn into a car? That’s Transformers, and many people know about that. For children who are fans of the famous franchise, a robot toy car would be a great gift.

I purchased this transforming figure made from ABS plastic, it is safe for my son to use. Moreover, it is packed with many fantastic features and accessories to make his Transformers roleplay more fun and exciting.

One of the fantastic features of this action figure that I like is its high-speed drifting ability. In detail, it has four smooth wheels that can turn 360 degrees in both car and robot mode. It also comes with two band remotes with a 2.4GHz transmitter system, which means he can simultaneously control the two cars.

Furthermore, there are realistic engine sounds plus an LED headlights that dance around fascinating him. My son can play with it for about 20 to 30 minutes and it takes only an hour to charge fully. It is a complete experience that surely entertained my son for extended hours.

While the engine sound is an excellent addition to this toy, it is a bit disappointing that there is no volume control for it. When my son plays with it outside, it is ok since the sound is loud, but the engine sound is too loud when he brings it on indoors. He enjoys it either way, but to me, it can get annoying.
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • Can drift in high speed
  • Has two-band remotes
  • Features realistic engine sounds and LED headlights
  • No volume control
There is no doubt why this design is ideal for your children. I’m sure they will enjoy playing with this right Optimus prime toy, but you need to note that there is no volume control for this one.

15. Transformers Generations War Optimus Prime

For a story-inspired re-enacting of the best Transformers theme, an action figure toy is necessary. If you want to check out Optimus Prime toys, take a look at this product review.

My son is a big fan of the Transformers movies and he especially likes Optimus Prime. He likes to role-play the iconic scenes from the series and this set is a good one for several reasons.

Building the ultimate battlefield is very much possible since this is part of an expandable prime set. Usually, I purchase just one set then add more every month and it is great to know that this Optimus Prime robot is compatible with others in the collection. My son can also compile all the additional weapon accessories from other Siege figures thus expanding the arsenal of his action toys.

Even with just this prime robot form alone, my son is still very much entertained. It comes with four accessories and multiple ports. The weapons can be customized allowing him to armor up his Optimus Prime to a combat-ready mode.

As I see, this classic conversion toy can go from being a robot into an armored truck in just 44 steps. Moreover, battle effects can be added by attaching fire blast accessories. This will stimulate the weapons to make a blaster fire. My son really loves these additional effects as they make his roleplay more realistic and imaginative.

I can’t deny that this Autobot action figure design is a fantastic toy that a little kid can enjoy playing with. But, I think this prime toy is suitable for older children since transforming it from robot to truck and vice versa can be a real challenge. Doing it all by themselves can take them an hour at most, so it is best to have an adult assist with converting the toy.
  • Collectible action figure and weapon
  • Customizable weapon loadout
  • Expandable weapon selection
  • Battle effects can be added
  • Transforming it can be a challenge
Overall, this Autobot leader action figure design is packed with lots of good features and details. As being from one of the biggest Optimus prime toy brands, this would be an excellent toy for your toddler, who can appreciate a challenging figure transformation.

What to Look for When Buying Optimus Prime Toys


Picking out the best Optimus Prime figure is not easy with the vast options available in the market. However, it is not impossible. It just takes a little more research, information, and keen observation. You can note the following factors that you can look out for when buying the right Optimus Prime toy to help you decide.

  • Age

In each prime item, there is a recommended age. Some people ignore this but let me pay attention to why it is there. Purchasing a big Optimus Prime toy for your children is not ideal and not suitable for their age. These toys are for older kids and are more complicated, with too many small parts causing a choking hazard. If you reverse the situation, it might be too simple and not challenging enough for them. So, don’t disregard the age guideline on any product, and consider it when buying Transformers toys.

  • Size

As mentioned before, the sizes of Transformers toys varied depending on what age it is endorsed to. The transformers prime Optimus Prime toys can be as small as 3-inches tall or 12-inches tall for fully functioning models. There are also smaller sizes that are bulkier, which means these items are easy to use and age-appropriate for younger children. The most common size you can find in the market is 6-inch tall.

  • Preference

Always ask for your kids’ opinions and preferences when choosing toys for them. This is vital because they will play with it, so they need to like it. You can ask them for their favorite characters and installations from the franchise. What Autobot leader version or design do they want? By knowing the answer to these, you can filter your choices a lot and focus on what they prefer. This will also help you know where to start looking.

  • Quality

Based on my observation and experience, newer versions of the Transformers toys are built with more sturdy materials compared to the past older versions. Besides, the more high quality the materials are, the more it can withstand rough play, and you are also getting the best value for your money.

  • Add-ons

Most Optimus Prime the last knight toy is sold individually. What you get in the set is a character figure and its accessories like a rocket launcher or shields. Other than this, you can get multipack sets, which consist of a bundle of characters together. There are also special and limited edition Transformers toys which are for a collectible more than a plaything. In some cases, trading cards are also included.

To get the most out of all Optimus prime toys available in the market, consider these factors. They will help you make the process easier and more manageable. At the end of the day, you will no doubt purchase the right Optimus Prime toys for your kid.

Other Important Factors to Consider


To some people who have experienced purchasing an Optimus prime movie toy, the process could be a bit easier the second time. But for those who are buying their first transformers toy, it is a real challenge. You might need these extra pieces of information to make a sound decision.

What is the Optimus Prime toy?

Optimus Prime toys are shape-changing action bots that can transform into vehicles. They are created with many joints and movable parts, making it possible for them to change their shape. Moreover, they are designed to reflect the character from the movies. This makes it appealing to children and even to adults who are fans of the Transformers franchise.

How does it work?

A transformer toy is simple to assemble and play with. There is a wide variety of Optimus prime figure metal, and each one differs from the other. This includes the number of steps needed to convert the Autobot leader figure into a car, which affects the toy’s difficulty level. A manageable level of switching is recommended for kids, while a higher level is more adaptable for adults.

What are the different types of Optimus prime toys?

The Transformers franchise has delivered multiple series since its first release in 1984. Each film has a new design for the characters and as the robots go through many changes, so do their prime toy counterparts. In some cases, you can also get a video game of the series. These days, there are many types of Optimus Prime toys available in the market, and it will take a while to list down all of them. But one thing is for sure, there is a corresponding Optimus Prime action figure for every Transformers movie.

Why do you need a Transformers Optimus prime toy?

When your children play with transforming toys like the masterpiece Optimus Prime, it can enhance their motor skills and logical thinking. That is because children use hand-eye coordination to switch the prime item from a robot into a vehicle like a tow truck.

Aside from the learning and cultivating skills that will be useful to children throughout their life, a Transformer toy will entertain them for hours. If parents need to rest for a while without being pestered by their toddlers, then you could buy them an Optimus Prime toy.

Frequently Asked Questions


For your unanswered transformers prime toys questions, try reading this FAQ section. It might enlighten you further and aid you in narrowing down your best Optimus Prime choices.

What are the most trusted Optimus prime toy brands?

Many brands manufacture new Optimus Prime toys. If you want to start looking for the right Optimus Prime toy from top picks brands, there is one major manufacturer of this prime item. Hasbro, one of the biggest Optimus prime toy brands, produces a wide variety of toys, including Transformers. Their prime products are readily available everywhere, and you can see many of their partners like Playskool and the official Transformers Store selling them. Most of the products you can see when you search the Internet for the right Optimus Prime toy are probably manufactured by Hasbro.

Which Optimus Prime toy is the best?

With many options in the market and site selling them, it isn’t easy to decide which Optimus Prime figure is the best. However, most fans have one specific best in mind. The G1 Optimus is considered by many as one of the best. Nothing can beat the original best Optimus Prime with the simple squares, rectangle, and the balance of all the colors. For new viewers, their opinion might vary, but those who have watched the Transformers franchise since its first years can agree that this version of Optimus Prime will always be iconic.

How much is the original Optimus Prime toy worth?

The price range of Optimus Prime toys varies depending on the targeted market of each one. Transformer toys for kids can cost around $15 or less. In contrast, multipacks and complex sets are between $20 and $50. For a large Optimus prime toy and special or limited editions are around $50 to $100. The price might vary for each brand, but this is the general price range of authentic Optimus Prime toys.

How to use it?

Depending on the type of Transformer toys you get, the steps you can transform a robot into a car vary. There are some which can be done in just two to three moves while others are quite complicated. However, generally speaking, most of the top-rated Optimus Prime toys are easy to use.

Where to buy it?

A quick search on the Internet can give you countless options to purchase the right Optimus Prime toy. But before you click on the check out button on the first site you see, it is best to make sure that they are selling legit transformer toys. Are they an official distributor of Hasbro? This is crucial if you want to purchase an authentic item.

If you want to buy from a trusted seller, either go to the brand’s official website or check for the authenticity of the product that they are selling. There might be some local stores that specialize in selling Transformers toys; you can visit them, get information about the content, and look at the toys in person. Try to avoid buying from Walmart or similar stores, sometimes you might land a good buy from there, but you don’t want to rely on that small chance.


The best Optimus prime toy is the ultimate Transformer product for children who are fans of the Michael Bay Transformers Movies. It is crucial to find a high-quality toy that checks all the essential factors listed. Moreover, don’t forget to take into account your children’s interest and preference for toys. This will make them excited and motivated to play with it.

I hope that my product reviews list and tips can give you an insight into choosing the best among the best. If you have an Autobot leader top picks, you can share it by commenting.

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