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The Best Toy Lightsabers

best toy lightsabers

When the Star Wars film gained popularity, the fictional weapon in the movie, known as lightsabers, captured both children and adults’ imaginations around the globe. The elegant saber of the more civilized age in this modern-day has also become one of the most in-demand merchandise of the Star Wars movies.

Many brands claim to sell the best toy lightsabers, but one should not be swayed so easily by those words. To find the right toy lightsabers among the countless options in the market, you should look into product reviews and buying guides. And to help you, I have prepared both so you can effortlessly narrow down your lightsabers choices and find a good quality lightsaber.

So please read on the following list that I have. And by the end, I hope you can purchase high-quality lightsabers.


Best Toy Lightsaber Reviews

1. Star Wars Jedi Master Bladebuilders Lightsaber

Jedi lightsaber toys became popular after the movie’s first release back in the 70s. Even in the modern-day, it continues to be one of the Star Wars series’s well-loved merchandise.

There are many lightsaber options in the market, just like this Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber. This toy lightsaber is packed with functionality and features for a realistic experience.

This roleplay toy from Hasbro is designed with features that are accurate to the movie. Staying true to The Force Awakens film, it is a perfect toy for a real-life recreation of the battle scenes. In addition to the amazingly detailed appearance, it features classic Star Wars lights and sound. Your kids can easily stimulate the features with a swish and strike since the electronic lightsaber motion-sensitive.

What comes in the package is a lightsaber, two light daggers, a cross and dual connector, an expansion hilt, and instruction. It is a complete set that has everything you need for a lightsaber battle play.

The hilt comes with a multicolor blade so kids can evoke the essence of their favorite character. Besides, the lightsaber can be customized with accessories as it is compatible with other Bladebuilder weapons.

There is just a minor issue with this lightsaber toy. It will take you quite a while to find the battery pack on the metal hilt since it was seamlessly placed on it. Also, you’d need some screwdriver to open and put it back together.
  • Realistic and movie-like details
  • Features classic movie lights and sounds
  • Comes with multicolor blade
  • Includes a cross and dual connector
  • The battery pack is hard to find
Overall, this toy lightsaber is one of the best that you can get in the market. It is a worthy purchase despite the minor problem that was presented with the battery pack.

2. Star Wars Scream Sound Effects Lightsaber

Nothing beats a Star War lightsaber that has impressive features from lights to sounds effects. There’s no doubt that due to these, playtime has become more fun and enjoyable.

This saber is unlike others just from the name alone. It comes with a scream sound effect that kids will surely love playing with. In detail, it features an exciting electronic sound FX based on the Star Wars movies. With this, your child can have a fun time reenacting scenes and waving their toy lightsabers around while it screams.

The toy comes with three audio sound options: the classic mode, creative mode, and imagination mode. With these three sound options plus the authentic lightsaber sound fx, and the custom crazy combat noises,your kids can personalize themselves.

You kids can record their own sound to the lightsaber and play it while they duel with their swords. This way, kids can make their toy lightsaber sound out of this galaxy and unique only to them.

Aside from the fantastic sound effects, the blade of this lightsaber lights up. Furthermore, you can easily extend the blade with just a flick of the wrist, plus you can telescope it in for better storage.

However, there is a small problem that adults will find relatable about this lightsaber. Sometimes the constant noise coming from this toy is bothering to the extent of being annoying. It makes a lot of noise, and the voice recording feature contributes significantly to this.
  • Features exciting electronic sound FX
  • Comes with three sound modes
  • Allows kids to record their own sound
  • The blade extends easily
  • The sound effects could be annoying sometimes
Considering everything about this lightsaber, it is an excellent option that anyone can buy for their kids. The voice recording feature is terrific for kids but can be a headache for parents.

3. Kybers Changeable Metal Hilt Force FX Lightsaber

When looking for a force fx lightsaber, fans want several things for their fantasy sword. They want it to have unique features and effects that are similar to the Star Wars film. And this toy lightsaber from Kybers can meet all those needs.

This RGB lightsaber has 11 colors to choose from that can switch on the go. So whenever you get bored with a color, you can change it to another then continue enjoying dueling with your toy lightsabers.

Moreover, the glowing blade is made of high-impact material, making it durable and capable of light dueling. Another great thing about the blade is it is removable and changeable.

The hilt of this lightsaber is made of aluminum and has a smooth and neat finish. Thus, your child can grip the metal hilt with ease as it comfortably sits on their hands. Other features include three sound fonts and a mute mode. There are also three-volume settings (low, medium, and high). For the light effects, it has Flash on Clash that is stimulated when dueling or when the blade hits an object.

But there is a small issue with the package. There is no instruction manual included, which means it might take one a while to learn how to operate the saber, such as changing the colors and the effects. This is a bigger problem, particularly for those who are buying their first fx lightsaber toy.
  • Comes with 11 switchable blade colors
  • The blade is removable and changeable
  • The hilt is made of smooth aluminum
  • Includes three sound fonts and mute mode
  • No instruction came with the package
With everything considered, including the pros and cons, this is one of the best lightsabers that anyone can purchase. However, note that no instruction came with the package, so it might take a while to be familiar with the controls.

4. Joyin Light Up Saber FX Dual Sword Set

There are many lightsaber brands available in the market, and each one comes with different features and functions. But the sword lightsaber from Joyin is another one I want you to take a look at.

This 2-in-1 saber set is a value pack that is perfect for costume parties and Halloween dress-up. The saber is made of superior quality and durable plastic in addition to it being child-safe and non-toxic.

One of the many outstanding features of this saber is the translucent LED safe blades that can switch between six colors. To change, long-press the switch until it changes color. Moreover, the sound and light effects are motion-sensitive. Both of them can be triggered by merely switching around and hitting an object.

The hilt has a realistic and detailed design. Besides, the handle is made to have a comfortable grip so the child can comfortably use it without the saber slipping off their hand. Your kids will surely have fun using it and reenacting a realistic galaxy warriors play based on the Star Wars.

But the sad news is, there is a problem with this lightsaber toy. While it claims to be made of high-quality, durable materials, it is not quite durable. It is sturdy enough to endure a light dueling and gentle waving around, but anything more than that will surely shorten the lifespan of this Star Wars lightsaber.
  • Non-toxic and child-safe
  • Blade color can switch between six colors
  • Features realistic and detailed hilt design
  • Comes with motion-sensitive sound and light effects
  • Not that durable
This dual sword set is packed with great features and functionality making it a worthy purchase for anyone looking for decent and fun lightsabers. Be aware that it is only for very light dueling since it is not made for heavy dueling.

5. Saber Studio Frosted Aluminum Lightsaber

Star Wars fans are smitten by the lightsaber toys that come in various colors and have cool effects. There are many options to choose from, and each one has its good and bad side. And this frosted aluminum lightsaber comes with remarkable features and functionality that kids find entertaining. It can keep them engaged for hours, waving around their lightsaber, and copying movie scenes.

Looking at the notable parts of this lightsaber, we have the realistic lights and sound effects. In detail, the saber has a real blaster sound and an LED light that activates by double-clicking the power button. The sound effects are certified high resolution for an entirely fun and enjoyable experience.

The handle is around 10 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, made of metal aluminum with an excellent finish. You can comfortably grip the metal hilt either with one or two hands and still whisk the toy weapon around securely.

There is a built-in rechargeable battery in the hilt that takes four hours for a full charge. After the fast charging, the lightsaber can be used for an hour before it needs to be charged again.

Since the blade is made of PC polycarbonate materials, it can fully support high-strength hits and heavy dueling. And unlike most lightsabers, the LED lights of this one have poleless discoloration.

However, I just noticed a minor inconvenience with this Star Wars lightsaber. There are times when the motion sensor keeps on making sound effects even when it is lying still.
  • Realistic light and sound effects
  • The metal hilt offers a comfortable grip
  • Fast charging built-in rechargeable battery
  • Supports heavy dueling
  • The motion sensor kept making sound even when resting still
I can say that this is a pretty decent electronic lightsaber option that you can consider buying for your kids. As a Star Wars fan, despite the problem with the motion sensors, it can still be considered one of the right toy lightsabers for a start.

6. JOYIN Dual Light Up Swords Set

When it comes to buying a star wars lightsaber toy, everyone wants a very detailed design that makes it look the same in the Star Wars movie. That is why this sword toy from Joyin got a spot in this reviewing list.

This dual light sword set includes two LED blades in green and blue. It is attached to an easy to grip silver hilt with a double blade dual cross connector. There are also six AAA batteries included in the package, so you can try it out of the box.

In detail, the translucent LED lights inside the hollow blade are safe and durable. Moreover, it features lighting effects such as flashing mode that is motion-sensitive. The details and design of the blade play big part in a realistic galaxy warriors play.

If you are a Star Wars fan looking for the perfect toy weapon for a costume party, this super value toy pack is the solution. It is the ideal accessory that can complete your Jedi master role-playing. And if you are looking for the perfect gift for a kid who loves Star Wars, then this can be a last-minute gift that will surely make them happy.

This electronic lightsaber comes with a connector that joins the two sabers, but there is an issue with this one. It turns out that it is easy to unscrew this connector, which means you can’t have the two saber connected for a long time.
  • Comes with green and blue swords
  • Easy to grip hilt design
  • The translucent LED blades are safe and durable
  • Features realistic Star Wars universe galaxy warriors play
  • The part that connects the two blades are easy to unscrew
For those who favor double-bladed electronic lightsabers, this is a high-quality set that you can buy. The elbow connectors’ issue can probably be addressed by purchasing a new connector that can join the blades more securely.

7. Star Wars Kylo Ren Bladebuilders Lightsaber

What can you consider as the right toy lightsabers that are worth purchasing? Is it the movie-like appearance or the cool effects? Take a look at this Kylo Ren lightsaber to know more about its great features.

This Star Wars Bladebuilders lightsaber is created with a movie-accurate appearance and details for a more realistic play. Moreover, it features classic lights and sound effects that are similar to the film.

The light effect of this toy makes it an ideal saber for cosplay and costume parties. The sound effects can be activated by pressing the gold button; then, there’s a switch at the back with two modes: always on and auto-off. So when you slice through the air, you can hear the sound effects and see the blades’ bright light. There is also a vibration effect and flickering of the lights when the blade hits a surface.

The package comes with a connector that allows you to customize the lightsaber with other Bladebuilders. In detail, the two side blades can be removed, and you can attach another lightsaber at the bottom of the hilt.

The only minor issue with this lightsaber is the blade’s color. The lightsaber comes with a red plastic blade, so you get a red saber when you light it up. This also means you cannot change colors with this lightsaber.
  • Movie-accurate appearance and details
  • Features classic lights and sounds effects
  • Can be customized with other BladeBuilders
  • The two side blades can be removed
  • The blade does not change colors
Overall, with the pros and cons considered, this is a good retractable lightsaber that anyone can confidently purchase. If you are okay with a red blade that doesn’t change colors, then go for this lightsaber.

8. Hasbro Darth Vader FX Lightsaber

When purchasing movie merchandise, we always want it to be similar to the one used in the film. Not everything but at least half of it, so we can realistically reenact scenes. If it is your wish too, then my recommendation for you is take a look at this product.

This lightweight force fx lightsaber from Hasbro has a blade that can change colors from blue to red and vice versa. It is based on the Anakin Skywalker’s blue lightsaber, which changed to Darth Vader’s red lightsaber. You also have the option to keep it in one color, depending on which one you like.

Another fantastic feature of this saber is the classic Star Wars sound effects that work really well with the realistic lighting effects. Moreover, the blade’s LED lights are bright and vibrant that you can see it clearly, even with the lights on.

With a simple push of a button, you can swap the colors and activate the sound effects. All the details and features of this product make the reenactment of the movie scenes more realistic and fun.

However, there are some minor issues that I have noticed with this lightsaber. The first is with the battery pack that is difficult to locate on the hilt. And the second one is the plastic ridges on the handle makes it uncomfortable to hold the lightsaber.
  • The lightsaber is lightweight
  • Blade colors can be swapped between blue and red
  • Features classic Star Wars sound effects
  • The LED light is bright and vibrant
  • The battery pack is easy to miss on the handle
  • The hilt is uncomfortable to hold
There are just some small downsides that you have to deal with but with all great features, this force fx lightsaber is a decent purchase that you can think about buying.

9. Star Wars Jedi Power Lightsaber

The Star Wars franchise has many fans from around the world coming from all ages. No one is too young or too old for cool lightsaber toys. Anyone can own the top-rated toy lightsabers, especially a Star Wars fan.

For an epic playtime experience, you’ll find this lightsaber toy as a worthy companion. It is packed with many features and functionality that can make playtime more engaging and enjoyable.

This lightsaber features clashing sound effects and a Star Wars theme song that you can activate by merely holding the metal hilt. In detail, the incredible touch technology makes the experience realistic with the theme song playing in the background.

There is a button on the handle to press to light up the blade and start the sound effects. When you swing the saber, you can hear the clashing sounds. Moreover, the blade can be easily extended with the flick of the wrist.

The package includes a lightsaber, light dagger, a connector, and an instruction manual. The light dagger can be wielded separately or attached to the lightsaber with the connector that comes with the set. Furthermore, this lightsaber is part of the Bladebuilders Jedi system, which means it is compatible with other products in the Star Wars Bladebuilders series.

Despite all these pros, there is a small problem that I have noticed with this lightsaber. The toy requires three AAA batteries and are included in the package. But the batteries are not working, and it seems like other buyers have the same experience with this.
  • The saber can be extended with a flick of the wrist
  • Features clashing sound effects
  • Star Wars music can be activated by holding the hilt
  • The saber can be customized
  • The batteries included were dead and not working
For a child lightsaber, this is a good saber that you can buy for the kids. While the batteries that come with it are not working, you can simply purchase fresh batteries, and the lightsaber will work just fine.

10. KYBERS Rechargeable Lightsaber

In every purchase we make, we always want the best for the money that we are paying. This is no different when looking for the top-rated toy lightsabers to buy.

Take a look at this RGB rechargeable lightsaber that allows you to switch the blade colors into 11 options. The LED lights have three levels of brightness and six light efficiency modes. Moreover, the blade is removable and changeable so you can change it depending on which scenes you are reenacting. Furthermore, the aluminum hilt is created with delicate and beautiful detail.

The blade is made of high-impact PC for the outer case and high-grade LED for the light. The wall of the pipe is relatively thick and has a higher strength than the base edition. In short, you get a durable lightsaber that you can use for a long time.

This Star Wars lightsaber also comes with sound effects, five sound fonts, and a mute mode. There are three volume settings: low, medium, and high. Besides, it features a flash on the clash effect where feedback occurs when it hits an object.

Two sabers can be merged with the connector that is included in the package. You just need another set of standard lightsabers to attach to this one. And since the hilt is heavier than other sabers, it is suitable for dueling.

Now, for the issues, there is one. I have noticed that the tip of the blade is not appropriately attached; thus, it easily comes off. You can put it back again and glue it to prevent it from falling off again.
  • The blade is made of high-grade LED
  • Comes with five sound fonts and mute mode
  • Features a flash on clash light effect
  • Can be linked with another Star Wars Bladebuilders
  • Suitable for dueling
  • The tip falls off easily
This lightsaber is an excellent product for a Star Wars fan. The minor issue can be easily solved and doesn’t seriously affect the performance of this saber.

11. Star Wars Mace Windu Electronic Lightsaber

For a lightsaber to be considered high-quality, it does not only mean a movie-like appearance. There are also battle sound effects and durability to consider.

This lightsaber, inspired by Mace Windu’s saber in the Revenge of Sith film has features and functionality that you might like. For once, it is customizable with other Bladebuilders to create a double-bladed lightsaber. There’s a connector included in the package for this reason.

The details of the hilt make this lightsaber have a movie-like appearance that you will surely appreciate. It contributes a lot to a realistic reenactment of the scenes from the film. Furthermore, this lightsaber has movie-real lights and sound effects. By wielding the lightsaber, you can activate the light effects and the sound effects that are very similar to the franchise.

Another thing that should be pointed out is that this lightsaber comes with a downloadable Hasbro Star Wars Studio FX application. This can make videos with your toy lightsabers and other toys like action figures and playsets.

However, there is a small problem with this lightsaber. When you retract the expansion hilt and tip it upside down, you will see that the blade extends to its full size and doesn’t stay retracted.
  • Can be customized with other Bladebuilders
  • Details and design inspired by the Revenge of the Sith movie
  • Features movie-real light and sound effects
  • Comes with a downloadable Star Wars Studio FX app
  • The blade does not stay retracted when tipped upside down
This high-quality lightsaber is an excellent buy for anyone looking for a beginner saber for a child. And despite the issue with the blades extending when tipped upside down, the functionality and features work really well.

12. Rubie’s Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

You know you’ve found the best lightsaber toy when it fits all the things that you have listed. Please take a look at this product review we have so you’ll get a good grasp of how good this Luke Skywalker saber.

Considering this lightsaber is officially licensed as a Star Wars costume accessory, you can rest assured that it is of the highest quality and is an authentic safety tested item. It is a perfect accessory that can complete your Luke Skywalker cosplay or party outfit.

The blue telescoping blade comes with a black and silver handle with detailed designs similar to the Star Wars film. The length of the retractable blade is approximately 3 feet when fully extended.

This lightsaber features light effects that require two AA batteries to work. And while the saber is durable, it is not intended for rough play or heavy dueling but can tolerate light dueling.

One of the minor issues of this one is that there are no sound effects. Even when you wield the lightsaber and when it comes in contact with another object, no sound is produced. So if you are fond of sound effects, then you will find that this saber is lacking compared to other toy lightsabers.
  • Officially licensed as a Star Wars costume accessory
  • Features detailed design that is similar to the movie
  • Comes with light effects for a realistic play
  • Ideal for Star Wars costume parties
  • Not intended for heavy dueling
  • No sound effects
Considering the features and functionality of this lightsaber toy for sale, it is a so-so product. However, if you want a saber with sound effects, you should steer clear from this one.

What to Look for When Buying a Toy Lightsabers


Narrowing down your best lightsabers options could be daunting, but it is not impossible. It will take a bit of your time and some research so you can pick at least three of the excellent quality and the best toy sabers. I’ll help you from doing the research part as I present some of the most important tips and what to look for before swiping your card for new lightsabers toys.

Sound Effects

For a realistic reenactment of Star Wars movie scenes, having the right toy lightsabers with a sound effect is preferred. Some of the sounds you can hear are clashing when it comes in contact with an object and a sound when you turn it on. It would also be great to listen to the classic Star Wars theme song play.

For character-specific Star Wars lightsabers (such as Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader), you will hear some of their movie lines and listen to sounds that are unique to their lightsabers. Some Star Wars lightsabers even have breathing sounds, which makes it even more fun to play with.

The sound quality and authenticity are crucial. You don’t want to hear a faint, garbled, and inaccurate sound. It would also be nice to have volume controls and at least three different sound effects. And if you are not really fond of sound effects, then there are saber toys that don’t have them.


Each character from the film owns a specific blade color that indicates their power. In detail, the blue lightsaber of Luke Skywalker is highly trained and prolific when defending the order. On the other hand, the green saber is said to have a strong connection to The Living Force. The yellow lightsaber has the green and blue combined power while the purple is connected to the Kyber crystal. The ultimate weapon out of all these is the black color.

Aside from these, most lightsabers in the market come in other colors like the orange lightsaber toy. Your choice of blade color largely depends on your preference, whether you plan to align it to its meaning or opt for one that you like.

Duel Ready

Some thought that all lightsabers are combat lightsabers. However, this is not always the case. Some collectibles are only meant to be on a display stand and not ideal to receive hard hits.

When buying for a kid, there is a high chance that they will swing it around and hit a lot of objects. For this reason, it is best to look at the product description on whether the toy is tough enough for heavy dueling. There is also a middle line where the lightsaber is okay for dueling but only lightly. And for collectibles, they are better left on a display stand.


There are some Star Wars lightsabers that you can customize with other sabers. This type of toy is great for kids who are creative and imaginative. Some kits allow you to build your own toy or replica for something different and unique, and some that come with elbow connectors where you can attach another dagger or blade builders lightsaber.


While the lightsaber toy is generally for all ages, not all are made of the same material. Some sabers are built with metal materials (like a metal hilt), making them unsuitable for a child. This type of lightsaber is heavy and not recommended as it may injure kids. This is why it is vital to consider the age of the person who will use the toy. For kid lightsabers, it is best to go for plastic made lightsabers that can take hard hits with minimal damage.

Price Tag

You can find several different price ranges for lightsabers, which vary depending on its features, functions, and brand model. In general, mid-range light up lightsabers with sound are decent, but budget models should be avoided. The reason is the cheap ones often break easily and are a total waste of money.

To determine if one is a high quality and valuable purchase, comparing the price with the features is an excellent way to settle it. Your budget also plays a part in this but try not to go for very affordable ones since it won’t probably last long. To play it safe, never go for overly cheap lightsabers and don’t go for excessively expensive ones unless you plan on starting an authentic collection you want on a display stand.

When you browse the internet for the top-rated toy lightsabers product, you can list down things you want to have on your saber. This is very important, especially if you are buying lightsaber toys for a child. With this buying guide’s help, we hope that it can help you determine the attributes that you want in lightsaber toys.

Other Important Factors to Consider

If you are starting from scratch and are buying your first lightsaber toy, this section right here will be of great help. Included here are the basics about lightsabers and some of the necessary factors to consider before deciding on the best star wars lightsaber toy to purchase.

What is a lightsaber toy?

A lightsaber toy is a replica of the Jedi laser sword weapon used in the Star Wars movies. It comes with light and sound features that will make roleplaying the movie scenes more fun with realistic and authentic effects. The blade is often made of durable plastic material with LED lights inside. The handle or hilt is made of either aluminum or plastic (sometimes metal) and it comes with a battery pack that powers the saber’s light and sound effects.

How does it work?

The lightsaber consists of three parts; the hilt, the blade, and the LED light inside the hollow blade. The handle or the hilt is where the battery pack is as well as the electronic parts. There are two types, a retractable one and a steady one. Some sets come with a connector as a part of the blade builders series that allows you to attach a dagger or another lightsaber on the hilt, so you get two blades or three.

It also features sound effects like the Star Wars theme music and breathing sounds. The toy lightsabers’ anatomy is pretty simple, and getting it to work is as easy as pressing or sliding a button.

Who is this for?

Lightsabers are for everyone of all ages; both young kids and adults can own a saber. Many saber options are available and specifically made for both an adult collector and a child. No matter the age or gender, you can own and enjoy playing with a lightsaber toy.

What are the different types of toy lightsabers?

There are several kinds of lightsaber toys in the market, and I will help you categorize them. Here are some of the most common and popular types:

  • Electronic Lightsaber

This is one of the most common and is ideal for younger kids. The blade is made of sturdy plastic material and can either be retractable or not. Some of these also have changeable blade colors. Moreover, it features sound and light effects that are fun for kids to play with.

  • Force FX

These are Star Wars movie replicas and are more likely for adults who collect. This kind of lightsaber features motion and clash sensors.It gives you a realistic experience like you are in the movie.

  • Ultrasabers

This type of Star Wars lightsaber is made explicitly for dueling. It comes in a wide variety of designs and colors. Ultrasabers are tough and durable enough to endure another saber’s hits and blows and sometimes some objects.

Why do you need a toy lightsaber?

A lightsaber toy is one of the must-have merchandise, and every Star Wars fan wants to have at least one of these Jedi Master weapons. It is a cool and trendy toy that never goes out of fashion because of the fans’ undying love for the franchise. Besides, battling with a lightsaber is a more fun and safe way to reenact the movie’s fight scenes. And for kids, they love the colorful and bright quality of the lightsaber.

Frequently Asked Questions


We got some of the essential tips and tricks covered, so now we move on to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding choosing realistic lightsaber toys.

What are the most trusted toy lightsaber brands?

There are several lightsaber manufacturers, so now we have a diverse and exciting selection to choose from. Some of the most trusted and popular high-quality lightsaber brands are the following:

  • Hasbro

It is considered as one of the biggest toy companies in the world. Hasbro specializes in toys and board games, and it is not surprising that many lightsaber toys are from them. The Bladebuilders and Black series are all products of Hasbro and are just some of the excellent-quality small lightsaber replicas. They feature metal hilts, blades designed for hard dueling, and creative sets that enhance a kids’ imagination.

  • YDD Saber

When it comes to custom toys that are both for kids and adults, YDD offers them alongside a series of lightsaber toys. If you want to get a high-quality toy packed with many features for a very reasonable price, then you should look into YDD lightsabers.

  • Saberforge

Unlike Hasbro, Saberforge is entirely focused on producing Star Wars merchandise and lightsaber toys. They have sleek and beautiful sabers that are closely similar to the original weapons used in the films. It comes in different colors and features detailed hilts and customization ability. And because of the details and functionality of lightsabers from Saberforge, these toys’ price tag is more expensive, making them more of a collectible than a toy.

How much does a toy lightsaber cost?

You can find a wide variety of high-quality lightsabers in different price ranges. To give you an idea, inexpensive models are being sold at $10. The color-changing star wars lightsaber are priced at around $25 to $60, while force fx models have a price tag from $125 to $200. If you want a decent lightsaber that can last for a long time, you should go for the mid-range but never the inexpensive range.

How to use it?

Most lightsabers in the market are battery operated. There is a battery pack on the hilt where you can change the batteries. There is a button that you can slide/push on the hilt to turn on the saber. It will light up the blade and activate the sound effects. In cases where the lightsaber features motion-sensors, you can start the sound by swishing the sword around.

Where to buy?

If you go to Walmart, you can find some lightsaber toys being sold, but you might want to rethink buying from there. For a high-quality lightsaber, you should purchase them from a place that specializes in selling sabers. You can go directly to Hasbro or Saberforge’s website or find a local store that sells toy lightsabers. This way, you can read product reviews and ask for advice from someone who knows their Star Wars lightsaber well.

How to care and clean?

The key to keeping toys in good condition for a long time is maintaining and cleaning them regularly. For lightsabers, it is no different.

When cleaning your lightsaber, it doesn’t really require any special cleaning agent. For the blades, any mild and non-abrasive cleaning product or just plain water will do the job. Rub the blade with a soft cloth dipped in the solution/water, and it will remove any dirt on your saber. For any scuffing, using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge will do the job. Kindly don’t wash your lightsaber by submerging it in water as it will damage the electronics.

When storing your lightsaber, it is advised to have a dedicated storage and a display stand for it instead of just tossing it into the closet. This way, you can prevent dirt and dust from collecting on it, plus you can avoid any accidents that could lead to any damage to your saber.


After going through the product reviews, I believe that you’ve already had some personal picks from the most well-rated products that only have minor issues. And hopefully, with the buying guide and FAQ section, you can narrow down your choices for the best toy lightsabers.

While all of these are my personal experience and a product of thorough research, I might have still missed some points to consider. If you have some tips you want to share, comment them below. I’d love to hear from you.

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