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The Best Toy Trucks for 1 Year Olds

best toy trucks for 1 year olds

Nesting or shape sorters are indeed perfect for those little hands to get dexterity and help growing minds learn some problem-solving. Being a responsible parent, you should get your child a fun-filled educational toy like a toy truck. Reputed brands are manufacturing the best toy trucks for 1 year olds, designed to help improve a child’s motor development skills.

Toy trucks are small, sturdy, and made using durable materials to stand the test of time. Some products comprise sound, lights, and movable parts, which are pretty attractive among one-year-olds. They can move the vehicle parts, switch on lights, and even learn new sounds daily.

Parents have already realized that toy trucks aren’t just for fun, but for improving their children’s learning experience. Some trucks are purposely designed to help children learn about shapes and more.

I have listed out the top 10 reviews on the best toy trucks for one-year-olds. Just remember that these reviews are my complete personal experiences. You should go through these basic reviews first and then complete your own research before finalizing the perfect buy.

For now, let’s delve into the details, shall we?

Best Toy Truck for 1 Year Olds Reviews

1. VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

This amazing toy truck features bright colors, cute animal cartoon prints on top, and the playful buttons at the side. The toy requires 2 AAA batteries for functioning smoothly, and I got those in the pack. The pack consists of colorful rocks to play with. Drop those into the top of the dump truck, and watch it tumble into a bucket. This is an excellent way for kids to learn numbers.

When the rocks are inside the bucket, you can move the push toy forward and see the rocks just rumbling within! Parents can help their kids develop motor skills with this toy. For that, they just need to lift the hinged bucket to unload rocks and start once again.

This product comes with three different colored buttons, designed to teach tools and colors, play melodies, and shout out phrases. The toy is intended for kids within 6 months to 3 years of age.

The moving wheels are a bit wobbly. So, it causes the dumper to move up and down unnecessarily.
  • Great learning tool for developing motor skills
  • Colorful variations with light and sound
  • Can move it along with a little push
  • Moving wheels will cause the dumper to unnecessarily move up and down
Overall, I can say that this toy is a perfect gift for your little munchkin. I just love how it feels, and I am pretty sure your little one will appreciate it.

2. WIDELAND Friction Powered Cars

What’s better than one toy truck? A set of four trucks! And that’s exactly what you are going to get from this truck set from WIDELAND. You will receive four trucks for 1 year olds as a complete set. The set comprises one push and go tractor, one mixer truck, one bulldozer, and one dumper.

You just have to push the friction car forward slightly to let it zoom fast. There is no need to place batteries. It comprises multi-colored cartoon friction toys, which promotes hand-eye coordination and sensory perception in babies.

This toy is perfect for developing your kid’s imagination and ability to cooperative play. This toy truck set is CPC certified and eco-friendly. So, it has passed the ASTM & EN71&CPSIA Test to prove its worth. Parents don’t have to worry before purchasing this toy truck set for their kids.

The toy trucks have gone through the ultimate strength test. No matter how feisty your child is, it is hard for them to break the car. The toy truck comes with 24-month replacement service, a one-year full refund, and lifetime technical support.

The bulldozer truck features movable arms, with flexible joints. Similarly, the dump truck consists of rotating hoppers to discharge building materials conveniently.

The mixer in the cement truck will rotate to discharge cement. It helps kids to learn more about mechanical automation and cultivate their creativity. Moreover, the farm tractor’s door can be opened and closed, which is good for exercising your baby’s flexible hands.

The only problem I have is with the size of the trucks. I wished those were a bit bigger to avoid choking hazards in some kids.
  • Great combo of four trucks into one
  • Amazing colorful variations
  • Comes with toy drivers to complete the set
  • Too small for the sizes
Generally speaking, I would go for this set any day. It helps parents to improve their kids’ creative and manipulative ability in its best forms!

3. Green Toys Dump Truck Vehicle Toy

I came across this dump truck vehicle from Green Toys, which is made using 100% recycled plastic. It is primarily crafted in the USA and available within cost-effective rates.

This toy is dishwasher safe, making cleaning an easy task for parents out there. Moreover, the safety component of this toy truck makes it a perfect choice among parents for their kids. The materials used for manufacturing trucks are free from phthalates, BPA, PVC, and any external coat.

This toy truck is durable and even safe for outdoor and indoor play. The chunky, treated wheels can easily navigate through uneven surfaces. So, kids can play with this toy on a sandbox. The dumper is fully featured and without any metal axles. Moreover, the deep dumper has enough room to transport anything that your child wants. The dumper can tilt back easily for loading and unloading.

This toy truck helps in encouraging gross and fine motor development skills among young kids. Also, thanks to its recycled materials used, this product contributes to reducing greenhouse gases.

The missing components in this toy truck are its light and sound. This could be a bummer for your one-year-old. And I also don’t like its mundane color combination.
  • Great company for a one-year-old
  • Good size for toddlers
  • Easy to use and eco-friendly
  • Mundane color combinations
  • No light or sound
In the end, this is the best you could get from recycled plastic. It works fine like any regular toy truck! On top of that, selecting this product means that you are protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas and also saving energy.

4. CatToysOfficial Dump Truck Construction Vehicle

When I look for trucks for one year old boy, CatToysOfficial is one of the brands that I always trust. Let’s consider this construction for instance. This dump truck comes with articulated parts for real construction action and feel! The rugged look makes this toy perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

The toy truck is manufactured using sturdy plastic materials, making it an ideal toy for outdoor use. It is crafted as a free-wheeling construction toy, perfect for 3-years-old as well. You don’t have to bother to purchase any battery to let the fun begin.

This toy also has an educational value. It encourages learning and creativity through imaginative play. Also, it is effective to build hand-eye coordination and cognitive recognition.

The design remains authentic and primarily inspired by the real iconic machines from CAT with meticulous details. The bright colors will properly determine the look of the truck well, as yellow and black are the best combinations so far.

The toy is of medium size, and I was looking for a bigger one. Other than that, I have no such complaint against this toy.
  • Sturdy material making it perfect for feisty partners
  • Good for outdoor play
  • Shiny yellow body with rugged-looking wheels for a realistic approach
  • The size is medium and not your choice if you are looking for a bigger truck
In total, I would definitely head for this toy anytime. The sturdy feel and realistic look of the toy make it a clear winner for the parents. Furthermore, you can’t ignore its educational value for your kids.

5. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Shape Sorter Toys

I always want a toy for my son, which is super simple to use and will allow him to learn something from it. That attracted me to purchase this amazing wooden shape sorter toy from TOP BRIGHT. This shape sorter toy truck for one year old is thoroughly tested out to match the US ASTM safety standards. It even follows European EN71 standards well.

The toy is very comfortable for a child to hold and play with. The product is a great combination between a formaldehyde-free painting job and the plastic wood materials. It gives the car some extra texture.

This toy truck simulates the operation of a blender. Kids can rotate the barrel and unload the pieces once inside. It helps them to understand the concept of space. It is one push and pull car, which helps exercising the hand motions of a kid. It is well-equipped with a driver. Your kid can open the door of the truck for a more realistic feel.

It makes shape-learning much more interesting for your child. They get to put multiple shapes into the mixing bucket. Each shape creates a “crunch” sound to help kids recognize colors and shapes. You can guide your kids to learn hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Children are furthermore encouraged to indulge in imaginative play with this shape sorter car.

With this cute shape sorter, your children will concentrate more on playing for a long time and learn various shapes and colors during that time. So, it is a perfect educational toy for kids to enjoy.

The only problem I have with this toy is the sizes of the wooden blocks. I wish it was a bit bigger as it might be a choking hazard for little kids. So, I would recommend parental guidance.
  • Love the concept of letting kids understand the shape
  • Great colorful wooden blocks to add attractive quotient to the product
  • Pretty sturdy when compared to other truck toys
  • The shapes are quite small in size
  • Can prove to be a choking hazard
In the end, I would always go for this wooden toy truck for sure for its educational value. This simple toy truck will help kids learn cognitive enlightenment, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, social intelligence, and action training.

6. Mega Bloks Caterpillar Large Dump Truck

Old versions of monster trucks for 1 year olds weren’t appealing to me anymore, and I was looking for something with a “wow” factor. Well, that let me come across this amazing toy from Mega Bloks. This is a replica of a large dump truck, which comes with a movable bin. It helps in dumping out the blocks.

This piece of toy comprises 25 blocks and one construction worker figurine. It even has its own construction site pieces. The main aim is to create a unique construction zone. Kids can load up the truck when they want to and roll out for a new destination. It helps the little ones to grow fine motor skills and give a boost to their imaginative play.

This super cute toy truck is perfectly crafted for little hands, making them perfect for one-year-olds. Both the truck and blocks are easy to grip. So, toddlers will easily have some fun on their own construction sites.

This truck has a huge rear bin, which will simply tilt back and dump out the contents. It isn’t just a toy for a one year child but for any kids within the age bracket of 1 to 5 years of age.

The only fear I have with this toy is the smaller blocks available with the truck. I would recommend parental guidance always.
  • Great learning toy for those who wish to know more about the construction job
  • Great sturdy truck with a cute figurine within
  • Available with construction site pieces for a realistic approach
  • Construction site pieces are too small – could lead to choking hazard
This toy is perfect if you want to spend some quality daddy-son time together. But, make sure you don’t leave your child alone with this toy alone for safety measures! You will love the results included.

7. B. toys by Battat Colossal Cruiser

Recent research helped me come across this Colossal Cruiser from B. Toys by Battat. This is a large sand truck, which can be used to carry sand particles from one destination to another. This sand toy truck is perfect for the playroom, beach, and even for your little one’s next camping trip.

This is a large toy truck, which doesn’t look like any monster truck toys for 1 year olds but even better. It can ride smoothly on any surface and helps create some unique designs on the sand. The dimension of this product is 20” (L) x 13” (H) x 12” (W). There are movable parts included, which helps kids to dump some more sand or dig in for treasures.

The materials used for manufacturing these trucks are all BPA and phthalates-free. So, only safe materials were used for crafting these masterpieces. It is a superb product for my one-year-old son. It fits his tiny hands perfectly. This truck is pretty easy to grab. Toddlers can showcase their creative sides and start creating unique designs on the sand with the truck’s embossed wheels. Your kid can use the big dumper to store some hidden treasures within!

This toy helps you to teach your little one the real purpose of a dump truck. You can teach him about other construction vehicles and ways to operate them. This playful venture will develop some fine motor skills among children and improve their hand-eye coordination.

I wish that the plastic body was a bit sturdier than what it is now so that it can easily tolerate the daily wear and tear it may go through.
  • Big size to even fit your child on top
  • A great sand truck toy to take on the beach and sandbox outside
  • The perfect truck for hidden treasure hunting plays
  • Wheels are perfect for embossing designs on sand
  • The plastic would have been a bit sturdier than its present scale
My son loves this toy. The colors are mesmerizing. This is a great family-friendly toy overall, which can easily be placed within the educational sector.

8. VTech Smart Wheels Fire Truck

No, this isn’t your basic dump truck for a 1 year old that you have seen so far. It is a Fire Truck! Toddlers always love hearing new words from this fire truck toy. It has an extension ladder, which can rise up and down for presenting your kid with developing fine motor skills.

You can also press the light-up windshield, located at the front of the truck. Pressing once will release three sing-along songs. It has six melodies and the letter “F” for the fire truck. Your kids can drive this fire truck on any Go! Go! Smart Wheels playset, which is sold separately. It comes with SmartPoint technology to help your child hear unique sounds and phrases every time he/she plays with it.

This product is intended for children within 1 to 5 years age range. It improves their motor skills, hearing, understanding voices, and stimulates imaginative play. Pressing the light button will enable them to learn new melodies, songs, and phrases.

For your kid’s early language development, you are advised to invest some dollars on Freddy, the fire truck. Each vehicle will introduce itself and repeats the first letter of the name. It is an interesting way for your kids to get familiar with languages at an earlier stage.

You can collect all the vehicles and these intelligent play sets, to expand your kid’s initial adventures into something bigger and better.

I wish the set had the real batteries included. It has 2 AAA batteries but only for demo purposes.
  • A great educational toy to develop a child’s motor skills
  • Comes with songs, melodies, and light to complete the truck’s look
  • It has realistic extension ladder which works more like the real deal
  • I wish the truck has long-lasting batteries included
If I wanted something different than the basic monster truck or dump truck, I would go for Freddy the Fire Truck. It is not only a playful toy for the little ones but it also will help parents to improve kids’ motor skills and language learning. Therefore, it is one educational toy that should be in your munchkin’s toy chest.

9. Oball Go Grippers John Deere Construction Trailer Set

Getting three small trucks at such an affordable rate is what you get from Oball Go Grippers set of Bright Starts. I had seen this toy truck online and even at retail outlets when I first started researching toy cars for 1 year olds for my son. The three trucks are super cute in their little green outfits and those googly eyes!

These aren’t similar with the basic trucks that you have seen so far because they are farm vehicles, designed for your children’s imaginative playtime mode. The trucks come with rugged wheels, perfect for enjoying indoor and outdoor. The Oball material is known for its easy grip and grab.

The dimension of these trucks is 3.62″ x 2.62″ x 2.6″ each. However, the batteries are not included with this pack and have to be purchased separately. All three trucks will help the baby’s imagination to grow and improve their creative juices. The Oball design is flexible, making it easier for the kids to roll from one crop to another.

I love this truck set as it helped my one year old learn a lot about the farming lifestyle. Even though I wanted the sizes to be a bit bigger, my little one is quite content with what he has right now.

The only thing that I am concerned with this truck set is its size. The trucks’ sizes are small while some children might prefer bigger ones.
  • Great fun truck toys for understanding farm life
  • Amazing green colors to match the farm environment
  • Googly eyes of the trucks, which are pretty expressive
  • Great for some outdoor fun and even indoor delight
  • Wished the sizes were a bit bigger
The wheels of these trucks are durable as well. So, these can smoothly plow through the dirt. Even the unique design of the trucks makes it simple to clean with a little bit of cleansing water. That’s a plus point for parents.

10. Woby Push and Go Friction Powered Car Toys Set

As a perfect choice for imaginative play, these toy trucks for 2 year olds are made of non-toxic plastic. It uses the push and go friction mechanism. The best part is that there aren’t any sharp corners, making the product safe for kids to play with. Also, the multicolored design of these trucks is really eye-catching. This set comprises 5 trucks, which include one tractor with detachable trailer, one bulldozer, one dump truck, one mini forklift, and one cement mixer.

I believe this set to be a great educational toy for toddlers. It is mainly friction controlled, so no need for parents to spend extra money on batteries. It doesn’t have a loud sound, which is another delightful feature in such toy trucks for 3 year olds. Thanks to its friendly size, your kids can take it anywhere they want.

Playing with such trucks will develop your child’s imagination. It will motivate their motor and cognitive skills, sensory perception, and hand-eye coordination. All the different colors and shapes of trucks will help your kid to explore new things quite well. You can further stimulate your kid’s visual development through this truck toy set.

Moreover, this vehicle toy set is constructed using sturdy and premium quality plastic materials. It is perfect for triggering your child’s curiosity and keeping him thoroughly focused on the toy set for long hours.

The bulldozer in this set can move up and down as every joint is flexible to form different shapes. The farm tractor helps to carry small items. You can open its rear door and close it for exercising your baby’s hand flexibility. The dump truck comes with a rotating car hopper. It helps in discharging materials conveniently. The mixer in the cement truck will rotate upwards and downwards and discharge cement, which inspires kids about mechanical automation, as well as cultivates manipulative and creative ability.

I wished the wheels on these vehicles were a bit bigger. If it ever comes out from the truck, little toddlers might choke on them. So, parental guidance is always advised.
  • Great truck options in one set
  • Good with movable parts
  • Helps kids to learn about sensory perception and other motor skills with ease
  • Not much of a fan of how small the wheels are
  • Can be a choking hazard
All in all, I don’t have much to complain about this truck set. I love it, especially because it makes my son smile. So, whenever he is in a gloomy mood, I give this set to him, and that instantly changes his mood for the betterment. I am pretty sure that your kids will love it too!

What to Look for When Buying Toy Trucks for 1 Year Olds


For me, it is a tough call to select any dump truck toy for my kid from the vast options laid in front of me. It was a challenge all the way through. So, I had to spend time researching for the best options that seem to fit the bill well. I came across these top 10 options. I would love to help parents now to do the same and procure the best toy truck for their little ones. For that, I have listed out some factors that you must keep in mind before selecting a toy truck for your little angel.

  • Size of the truck matters

No matter how much you are likely to spend on the truck, you have to focus on its size. It mustn’t be too big or too smal. Too small truck pieces can lead to choking hazards, which is the last thing you want. Meanwhile, too big of size will make it difficult for your one-year-old to maneuver the toy, which results in losing interest.

So, the first thing that you might want to address in here is the truck’s size. For that, research is a must, and various brands are presenting their actual toy sizes beforehand.

  • The ones you get in the set

If you had to spend quite some bucks for your kid’s toys, remember that truck sets are really a great way to save some money. Don’t let your kids have all the trucks at one time, especially if he is a feisty little alien. Gift him with one from the list and wait for him to enjoy it to the fullest. Once he is done, it is time to get another one out of the pack!

Most of the trucks in a set are of different types. So, your kid will learn everything about trucks, their differentiation, and working functions. Therefore, the sets are teaching your kids motor development skills.

  • Light and sound included within the pack

When it comes to toy trucks for kids, there are some features, which will enhance your kid’s love for the toys even more. A movable and realistic part of a truck toy is amazing. But, how about adding buttons to it, which presents lights and sounds? It is quite attractive, and your kids will love it till the end.

So, why not check out these features when you are literally spending your hard-earned money on your kid’s toys? The results will turn out to be amazing, and you yourself will love it as well!

  • Choking hazards to be kept at bay

Make sure to check the size of the trucks before the final purchase. If you don’t have time to spend with your child and want to keep him busy with toy trucks, always head for the bigger ones.

Don’t let them play with small trucks on their own as that calls for some accidents like choking. You can buy these smaller versions only if you are there to provide parental supervision. Try looking for the pieces, which will keep choking hazards at bay and help your kid have a blast!

  • Colorful variations to go with

Well, this is one of the primary features that most parents look for while purchasing a toy truck for the kids. And I did the same too! I looked for trucks with the brightest, most cheerful colors, and the internet didn’t disappoint me. I came across so many brands, and all of them are working hard to make clients happy. The playful color combinations on the toy trucks were amazing to start with. Get one for your kid now!

  • Educational aspect to get with it

You can’t forget the educational aspect associated with truck toys for kids. For some parents, it is just a piece of plastic, but not for me. I always wanted my kid’s toy to serve the dual purpose of making him happy and helping him to learn. That’s exactly what these top 10 picks are for!

These trucks not only helped my son to learn about different types but also helped him to understand the various functions of a truck. He even learned about the different motor developing skills and sensory perception through these small playful trucks! Being a parent, I really feel accomplished right now!

  • Quality of the sturdy materials

I never compromise on the quality when it is about my kid’s toys. My son is a gentle human being, but there are times when he turns into a feisty monster. It is mainly when he is well into the game. Too much toddler pressure isn’t good for flimsy toy trucks! So, I always look for the ones made using sturdy materials so that the trucks can stand the test of time.

Only the best plastic is widely used by reputed brands, and I always aim for those purchases, even if those costs me a few bucks extra. At least, I am protected from not buying another toy truck within a short span of time!

  • The realistic look of the trucks

I love how some brands are taking toy trucks up a notch with their realistic designs. These designs are perfect and will try replicating the real trucks as much as possible within restricted shape and size.

The trucks have all the additional parts within, along with rugged-looking wheels. So, that’s how I teach my son about the different variations of trucks. Remember to consider how realistic the truck toy looks while buying one for your little munchkin.

  • Easy grip of the trucks

The trucks must have a smooth grip without any sharp corners. It helps your kid’s tiny hands to accommodate the trucks easily. As there won’t be any sharp edges to the trucks, parental guidance is not always mandatory. Your kids can enjoy a gala time with the trucks, without getting hurt. Most of these trucks are made to enjoy indoor and outdoor play..

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted toy truck brands for one-year-olds?

I would say that it is hard to pinpoint a particular brand when it comes to the most reliable product. Each brand has its own outstanding features, which are hard to find in other reputed truck toys. So, be sure to check out the features first before finalizing the best toy truck brands for your little ones. I love the best vtech toys for 1 year old for a change but have other names on my list too.

Some of those include WIDELAND, Green Toys, Cat Toys Official, TOP BRIGHT, Mega, B. Toys by Battat, Bright Starts, and Woby. To find out the best truck toys, you should take some time out of your busy schedule and try looking for the items these centers have to offer. I am pretty sure you will love most of them, if not all.

How to use it?

It isn’t rocket science to use a truck toy, is it? Your kid’s natural instinct will teach him to push the trucks forward to enjoy its moving motion. But, if you have a high-end truck toy, then you better teach your kid how to use it. For example, if your chosen trucks have buttons on them, which emits light and sound, then you probably have to guide them on using the truck toys well.

On the other hand, most of the truck toys from reputed brands will have movable parts and can even make them move sand particles from one place to another. During such instances, you can teach your kids how to use these toy trucks for the best playing time.

Where to buy?

There are so many online outlets and some retail stores where you can purchase premium quality truck toys. You also need to check the styles and the brand names, before finally making the right purchase. If you want to check out the truck toys physically before investing money on it, you should visit a few retail outlets.

On the other hand, if you don’t have time to hop from one center to another, remember to check out the online stores like Amazon, Walmart, and more, for the best selection. Once done, you will have a brand new toy for your little devil right by your side.

How to care and clean?

Cleaning these trucks is pretty simple. As you have a child at home, chances are high you have mild shampoo and soap within your reach. So, use those in clean water to create a soapy mixture. Then wipe the truck’s body with the soapy water mixture and a clean cloth. A single swipe is enough to get rid of dirt and dust. Remember to clean the trucks often, especially if you have to get them outdoors for playdates.

What about the cost of toy trucks?

It is really difficult to pinpoint a particular price for the toy truck as it differs based on the company and the type of toy you want. A basic toy with a simple friction mechanism will be the cheapest of the lot. With more features and mechanisms included, the prices are likely to hike up every step. For example, the vehicle with movable parts will be more expensive than the basic models but not so much like the remote-controlled ones. On the other hand, if the truck has lights and sounds included, then be prepared to pay some more.

Are their figurines with every model?

The answer is no. Not all truck models will have cartoon figurines in the pack. Some trucks are designed like cartoon characters with googly eyes and a smile. Then you have other products, which are designed more realistic like a real truck and have small figurines taking the wheel.

So, if your kids love small figures with the trucks as drivers, then you better research accordingly. You can check out the options I have presented in the top 10 list and can come across some such examples.

What points to choose while ordering a toy truck?

First of all, make way for the brand name as that’s important while purchasing a toy truck. Make sure to check out the truck brands, focus on their reviews, and check out the testimonials about the trucks. These testimonials come from the previous client base, and they are willing to share their thoughts with you. So, get that into a bag, before finalizing on a toy truck.

Remember to ask your family and friends in case they purchased any toy truck from any particular store. If they did and are quite satisfied with the result, then ask for their opinions on the best buy.

Can I check the size of the trucks online?

You can definitely check the size of the trucks, once you plan to purchase it from reputed e-commerce stores. They have multiple products in-store, and you get to choose whichever one you want. In the question and answer section, and even in the feature section, truck’s sizes are mentioned in detail in their width, height, and length. So, remember to check those points too, before finalizing on the best truck toy for your kid.


Overall, I have quite some research materials by my side when it comes to the truck toy. I love that my kid enjoyed the fascinating toys I got for him. But that’s not all. I am still researching the best materials to get in touch with, as I want to give my son the best that the truck toy market has to offer.

Let me remind you once again! The reviews that I have presented in my list are all my personal experiences and subject to differ trucks for one year old boy trucks for one year old boy from one person to another. So, I will always encourage you to research first about the best toy trucks for 1 year olds, before grabbing the best deals.

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