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The Best Travel Toys for Toddlers on Airplanes

best travel toys for toddlers on airplanes

Traveling with a toddler can be a challenge. It is a time when they are interested in everything they see. In a plane, they can be distracted by the seat buckle, the window shade, the safety card, the monitor in front, and the people around. To keep them obeyed and take their attention off these things, giving the best travel toys for toddlers on airplanes is the easiest solution.

Air travel with a toddler doesn’t need any complicated preparations. Providing them with baby toys for airplanes will do the trick. With the seemingly infinite options in the market, making a choice can be tricky but not impossible. Our product reviews and an informative buying guide can be of great help.

Best Travel Toy for Toddlers on Airplanes Reviews

1. Melissa & Doug 9408 Puffy Sticker Play Set

Having a good collection of toys while traveling with your kid is one of the wise decisions to make. You can visit Melissa & Doug and take your pick from their products.

This farm-themed playset comes with 52 puffy and reusable stickers. You also get a shiny and double-sided barnyard background. The backdrop adds an opportunity to express and stimulate creativity. Imagine all the possibilities and combinations that your children can come up with.

This activity book is designed to the high-quality standards possible, making it an excellent gift for kids ages four to eight years. It is also made for hands-on play and offers a screen-free experience. Besides, your toddlers can conveniently bring this toy anywhere they go since it has a carrying handle.

Furthermore, this is a fantastic toy that can help develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, narrative and creative thinking, and independent play. It’s because they come up with many scenarios and pretend-play with stickers and a sturdy background. This is an educational toy that is fun and beneficial for your little one.

However, there are some minor issues that I want to point out. I noticed that the small stickers could easily get lost. When sweeping after each playtime, you will find all the pieces on the floor everywhere. The stickers are also easy to get dirty; you have to clean them constantly. For one-time use, like plane rides, it is an excellent option.
  • Reusable stickers
  • High-quality standards
  • Portable and convenient
  • Aids in developing essential skills
  • The small pieces can get lost easily
  • Stickers get dirty easily
This playset can be deemed as one of the best toddlers’ travel toys. If you are looking for something unique and delightful that inspires creative play, you should consider getting this one.

2. Playahoy Apple Lacing Threading Toy

The key to having manageable travel with your kid is having a good selection of playthings. Playahoy has many fantastic travel-friendly toys that you can check out.

Take a look at this attractive and entertaining toy. It is a caterpillar with a string that can go through 16 sleek holes on a delicious red apple. Toddlers will surely have a fun time trying to help the worm slip in and out all the holes.

The size and weight of this toy make it ideal for traveling. Lacing the apple can soothe kids and keep them happy throughout the trip. It will keep them busy and focused for hours, which means less stress and hassle for parents.

All parts of this product are manufactured to be safe for kids to use. It has safety certifications and complies with CPSC and ASTM standards. You can rest assured that your toddler is playing with a BPA-free, lead-free, and non-toxic toy.

Another notable attribute of this toy is its educational benefits to children. Through this apple and caterpillar toy set, toddlers can develop essential skills that they can use as they grow older. This includes buttoning, tying their shoes, zippering, and more. Besides, it aids in improving analysis, patience, concentration, and hand-eye coordination. Your precious one will not only have fun but also learn through play with this toy.

There is just a minor drawback that I have observed while examining this product. For a younger toddler who likes to put things in their mouth, the caterpillar can pose a danger.
  • Attractive and entertaining
  • Ideal for travel
  • Safe for toddlers to use
  • Helps develop essential skills and kids activities
  • Needs an adult supervision
This is a unique travel toy that your kid will find fascinating; it’s nothing like they’ve seen before. I highly recommend this one.

3. deMoca The Quiet Book

Keeping your toddler quiet during a long trip is a challenge. But with plane toys for toddlers from deMoca, everything can be dealt with less stress.

Consider this busy book recommended for children ages above 3. It is an activity book with a bright red cover, captivating designs, and engaging activities that toddlers will find amusing. All the parts and pieces in this toy are fastened securely to the pages. There is no need to worry about choking hazards.

It features nine Montessori activities for toddlers. The cloth book is soft to touch and feel, which enhances kids’ sense of touch. The colored velcro shapes stimulate their vision while matching the pieces aids in improving motor skills. Overall, it is an educational toy that promotes learning in a fun way.

Everything about this activity toy can occupy toddler’s attention during long journeys. It promotes quiet play and teaches them how to tell time, how to button, tie shoes, use the zipper, etc. They will learn basic social behaviors while developing their cognitive abilities.

Due to its portable size, it is easy to carry around, making it great for travel. Besides, it is sturdy and durable, which means it can keep your toddlers company for a long time.

This sensory toy is effortless to clean since it is machine washable. It comes with a zippered washing bag which helps keep its shape and quality while it spins in the laundry. You can also use the bag to store the toy.

However, some of the parts came off after several uses. The felt cogs and the plastic circle are the pieces that fell. You can glue it back on without much problem.
  • Secured parts
  • Educational Montessori toy
  • Great for travel
  • Machine washable
  • Some parts come off after weeks of use
You can introduce and encourage reading books at an early age with this product. The colors and the textures will attract your toddler to explore it.

4. Melissa & Doug Tape Activity Book

When traveling with your toddler, it is crucial to keep them entertained to avoid chaos for an enjoyable trip. In case you’re in an attempt to entertain your kids, Melissa & Doug have a wide variety of fantastic travel toys that you can consider.

One of them is this tape activity book recommended for children ages four to seven. It is a good toy that can offer hands-on and screen-free play. Besides, toddlers can have fun and learn at the same time through this activity.

The set comes with four rolls of easy-to-tear tapes in four colors (red, yellow, green, and blue). The 20 pictured pages are reusable and have a sturdy design intended to last for several uses. The reusable pages allow them to tear the tape without damaging the illustrations. This way, toddlers can use it over and over again. It also makes a great activity that grown-ups can enjoy.

This book has a sturdy spiral binding. It is made of plastic and allows the tape rolls to be stored in the cover. Furthermore, the features and elements of this activity book help develop essential skills. It encourages children to explore and have a sense of accomplishment after completing each image. It also teaches them to be patient and focus on what they are doing to achieve perfect results.

The only drawback is tearing the tap can be a challenge for young toddlers. An adult needs to get involved and take care of ripping the strips. For younger kids, this is an activity that is best for bonding.
  • Durable design with a sturdy binding
  • Provides colorful and creative play
  • Reusable pages
  • Teaches children to be focus and patient
  • Encourages a sense of accomplishment
  • Tearing the tapes is a challenge for young toddlers
This is a fantastic activity book that offers an opportunity to create a connection between you and your child. It is also reusable, so you can expect it to last long.

5. 3 Bees & Me Airplane Toys

Long trips can take a toll on small kids and cause them to get bored and fuss. To avoid this, you need fun and entertaining toys from 3 Bees & Me.

This fun set of airplane toys can make your plane trip exciting for you and your toddler. Road trips and any long travel will become enjoyable without any fussy episode. It is excellent for both preschool boys and girls.

The set comes with four planes on wheels. Two vintages and two moderns painted with brightly colored red, yellow, blue, and orange. It is the best value toy for your kids, no need to purchase it separately. You can get four planes in a collection.

All parts of this toy are certified BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, and non-toxic materials. Besides being safe for your little one, it’s also gentle to the environment since they are built to last. It can stand up to children’s rough play without much problem.

While flying this toy, your kid’s imagination will also soar high up in the sky. It can stimulate imagination and offer an opportunity for fun pretend plays. Learning through play is the best way to keep your precious one developed and entertained.

However, there are some problems with the wind-up function. Sometimes the wheel will stop working, and it won’t wind and propel forward. After a while, it’ll work again.
  • Great for travel
  • Best value
  • Safe for kids to use
  • Stimulates imagination
  • Some problems with the wind-up function
These travel toys for 1-year-old will be your kid’s new favorite. The bright colors and design will keep them entertained during a long trip. It is also good in enhancing creativity and imagination.

6. AiTuiTui 684A Magnetic Drawing Board

Traveling can be exciting for kids, too. With the right kind of toys from AiTuiTui to add to your toddler’s arsenal of toys, flying with your little one can be stress-free and easy.

Take this product, for example, a mini travel doodle for toddlers. It comes with four zones of color (blue, red, yellow, and green) behind the white film. It offers a no-mess fun that stimulates children’s imagination and creativity. The possibilities are endless with this magnetic board.

You need no complicated instructions for this since this is easy to use. What you get in a set are a drawing screen, three stampers, a slider eraser, and a pen. The stampers come in three shapes: flower, love, and circle. Toddlers can navigate through this toy without much difficulty.

The size of the frame is small enough to be carried conveniently by children anywhere they go. It can also fit your bags easily, so it is ideal for traveling. To start returning to a clean slate, simply swipe the bottom lever that goes smoothly across the screen—no tantrums for kids since they can do it with ease.

You can rest assured that this toy will last for a long time because it is manufactured with high-quality standards. It is made of ABS materials that are non-toxic and no smell. No need to worry about getting their clothes dirty or inhaling any chalk power or messy crayons.

There is just a minor issue that I have observed. The three magnetic stamps can easily get misplaced or lost if it detaches the holders.
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient and portable
  • High-quality standard
  • The stamps can get lost easily
A drawing board that toddlers can use again and again? This is what most parents want and kids, too. I highly recommend it to anyone with a child who loves to doodle.

7. Kenley Toddler Busy Board

Keeping your toddlers busy is what you need when you want to have a breeze traveling. Kenley might have just the toy that will entertain your child while on a long trip.

Consider this learn-to-dress toy that is recommended for children ages one to four years. It is specifically designed for toddlers to practice their dressing skills. This board has a patented design with nine features, including buttons, buckles, and ties.

Toddlers are at the age where they love to be independent. It could start from eating on their own or dressing on their own. This product is fantastic in offering an opportunity for kids to explore and learn at their own pace. Besides, it aids in developing concentration and empowering imagination.

This product is Montessori-inspired. It is an ideal toy to encourage fine motor development, fundamental skills, and hands-on learning. The buckles and buttons have different difficulty levels, which is good in challenging toddlers and acts as a repetitive, soothing activity.

The panel is made of soft felt wool. It measures 11 inches by 12.5 inches and has a total weight of 0.4 lbs. This makes it portable and lightweight, an ideal toy to bring for long trips in the car or airplane.

There is a minor drawback that I noticed while going through this product. It only works best on flat surfaces and is challenging to use since it bends and pulls.
  • Designed for toddlers
  • Montessori inspired
  • Helps practice essential skills
  • Ideal for travel
  • Works best only on flat surfaces
When it comes to travel toys for toddlers on a plane, you cannot leave this toy out. You can consider it as a learning through play type of toy that is entertaining and educational.

8. Gamenote Erasable Doodle Book

Your little one can get bored and cranky while traveling for long hours on a plane. No parent wants a fussy companion, so you should consider getting some toys from the brand Gamenote.

Check out this drawing pad that is perfect for doodling. It is manufactured to the highest quality standards and made with durable materials. You can expect it to endure a long time of use.

Toddlers have three unique doodle options. There are 12 pages: three for coloring, two for tracing, and seven blank pages. This gives your little one a choice depending on their mood for the day.

This doodle book is lightweight and is the perfect size for a school bag or backpack. Besides, it is also foldable making it ideal as a travel toy. Cleaning is a breeze with this book because it is washable, or you can simply wipe it easily with a cloth included. Effortless and no mess for a more fun playtime.

Furthermore, the pages are reusable. In detail, it comes with 13 pens of different colors. It features velcro designs and an inner pocket for the pens. There is also a big pocket where you can collect all the pieces quickly.

However, I have a concern about this product. The brightly colored and tinted pens are difficult to remove when it comes in contact with clothes. Other than that, you can easily wipe it clean off any surface.
  • Great for travel
  • Has different ways to doodle
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable pages
  • Markers are challenging to remove from clothes
Motivate your toddler and use their love for drawing to keep them entertained at any time of the day. This is a fantastic activity book with many fun possibilities.

9. Esjay Toddler Busy Board

For parents who are traveling with their child for the first time, they need to know that toddler airplane toys can help them a lot. Get a fun distraction toy from Esjay to help your kids stay happy during the trip.

This 15-in-1 busy board comes in many varieties. In detail, it includes a set of hook and loop alphabet, lace, buckles, zip pocket, and 123s. Each one is designed with varying difficulty to make it challenging enough to keep your little ones interested and engaged.

There are many learning opportunities through playing with this toy. Kids can learn spelling and math while developing vital skills like dressing by themselves at their own pace. Moreover, it assists in the development of fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and dexterity.

This Montessori toy is well built, has quick-release buckles, and is the perfect size for toddlers’ little hands. The soft fabric with smooth corners is made of non-toxic materials that are safe for children. Besides, it is lightweight with a handle making it portable. It is also flexible and fits most regular-sized bags. You can bring it wherever you go, especially during long trips, to avoid any fussy toddler episode.

There is just a problem that I want to mention. The velcro letters are small enough to get lost or misplaced easily. It could be annoying at times when the letter you need is missing.
  • Comes with varieties of activities
  • Offers many learning opportunities
  • Designed for little hands
  • Easy to use
  • Soft and portable
  • The velcro letters can be easily lost or misplaced
There are tons of board toys on the market, and this is one of the best that you can find. I can confidently recommend it to anyone looking for a fantastic travel toy.

10. AriTan Erasable Doodle Mat

When deciding what plaything to bring during a long trip with your toddler, make sure that it’s entertaining and fun. If you’re considering purchasing one, I recommend you to visit AriTan and take a good look at their products.

Consider this writing board for kids. It is the perfect toy that can unleash your little one’s creativity. Besides, it comes in a box with a ribbon making it ideal for gifting. The drawing book’s dimensions are eight inches on all sides with 14 black pages. Each leaf has a spacious painting area and features rounded edges. The size of this toy makes it suitable for toddlers to carry or place in their school bags.

Furthermore, it comes with a pen pocket that easily fits most spaces and luggage. Due to its portability, it is great for long travels. Bring the fun with you whenever and wherever you go.

This product is made from high-quality, durable, lightweight, and safe materials for children to use. The set is equipped with a dust-free watercolor pen that poses no risk of irritation from dust or foul odor. To reuse the waterproof pages, you can wipe off the traces with a wet tissue or rag. You’ll get a clean slate where your toddler can start doodling again.

However, I have observed a minor drawback while going through this product. While you can remove the pens’ marks with no trouble on most surfaces, it isn’t easy to wash them out on clothes.
  • Suitable size for toddlers
  • Portable and great for travel
  • Safe and reusable
  • Dust-free watercolor pen
  • The marks doesn’t wash out on clothes
When looking for toys, parents always opt for those that you can reuse for a long time. If you agree with this, then you should think about purchasing this one.

11. KAKIBLIN Cubic Activity Learning Toy

Finding fantastic toys for airplanes 1-year-old is easier than you might think. KAKIBLIN has some great options that you can check out and ponder upon.

Take this cubic toy into consideration since it offers many fun activities that your toddler will surely enjoy. It features designs with bold colors that can appeal to any child. The unique pattern on each face of the cube will tickle their earl fascination and keep them engaged.

Exploring the buckles, zippers, buttons, and latches can help develop essential skills in toddlers. There is plenty to learn through playing with this product, including zipping and snapping buckles. In no time, they can start dressing on their own.

Moreover, this toy is excellent for strengthening color recognition, problem-solving skills, fine motor, and hand-eye coordination. With these, it also makes a fantastic company for children with special needs.

The size of this cuddly toy is perfect for their tiny hands. They can play with it in the airplane, car, train, or during long travels where they need something to keep them busy. It also works excellently in channeling children’s focus in doctor waiting rooms.

There is just a minor issue that I want to point out. Some seams come apart quickly, and when kids notice it before you do, they’ll pull at it relentlessly. It would be best to repair any loose seams as soon as possible.
  • Features colorful designs
  • Helps develop essential skills
  • Improves motor skills
  • Ideal for travel
  • The seams come apart easily
Most kids want to start doing things on their own as they seek to be independent. This toy will be of great help to teach them how to dress at their own pace.

12. Curious Columbus Quiet Book

Toddlers are at the age where they want to explore and can’t stay still for long. When traveling for long hours, it is best to get an entertaining toy from Curious Columbus.

This interactive and fun life skills toy is a fabric book recommended for toddlers up to six years. It is handcrafted and has many features that offer tons of fun.

As a Montesorri toy, children can learn how to tell the time and get familiar with working on dressing themselves. The size is just right for a lap toy and has the perfect proportion for toddlers’ small hands. There are ten felt cotton pages, each with challenging tasks enough to keep them engaged and entertained for long hours.

The soft texture of this activity book helps in developing sensory and tactile skills. It can aid in strengthening fine motor skills and assist kids in reaching essential milestones as they grow. Moreover, it is perfect for imaginative play and teaches them about self-care at an early age.

The book zips fully and has a handle for portability. You can easily carry it around, bringing the fun on the go or at home. This works as a fantastic travel toy to channel your little one’s energy.

The only problem I have with this product is some of the pieces can get lost easily. It is best to have an adult around when a younger toddler plays with it since they tend to throw away the smaller parts.
  • Interactive and fun
  • Montessori toys for toddlers
  • Develops sensory and tactile
  • Great for travel
  • Some pieces can get lost easily
This is by far one of the best travel toys for toddlers on airplanes. Your young one can also use it for the years to come.

13. The Purple Cow Magnetic Travel Car Race Game

How do you know when you picked the suitable toddler toys for airplanes? It is when it can keep your child interested, like the toys from The Purple Cow.

They have this portable and fun magnetic car race game. Bring the fun on the go, anytime and anywhere. Toddlers will have a fun time playing with this game box racing a car around the track.

The size is perfect for bringing on trips. It works as a fantastic travel toy for kids and adults who get bored during a long ride. Bond with your toddler or let them create a closer connection with their siblings. This toy can be shared and enjoyed together by everyone.

It is designed for active play while limiting the use of technology. Besides, it is easy to set-up. Children can do it themselves by effortlessly converting the tin into a game board. Start racing right away in just a matter of seconds.

If you want to share this fantastic toy with others, you can use it as a party favor. It is always a good gift idea for birthday parties or any occasion. Other parents would be thankful to have a fantastic toy to keep their children engaged with a hands-on activity.

There is just a minor problem that I have observed; the tin can get dented easily. When kids accidentally sit or step on it, the box bents.
  • Portable and fun
  • Ideal for travel
  • Easy to use
  • Great for parties
  • The tin bents easily
Small toys are convenient and easy when traveling. This is one example of a fantastic toy that you can bring with you anywhere without having to drag it.

14. Coogam Wooden Lacing Duck and Elephant

Children are active and are often all over the place, so traveling with them can be a real challenge. But it is not impossible with Coogam toys that can keep them entertained and stay on their seats.

This wooden duck and elephant puzzle set is a lacing toy designed for toddlers. It is built from high-quality and durable materials, so you can expect it to last and endure years of play. The sturdy wood is crafted to the shape of a duck and elephant, then painted with bright colors.

There are holes in the body where toddlers can thread the lace with the caterpillar. This activity is excellent for fine motor training. Besides, it helps develop color recognition and is fantastic for manipulative practice.

The features and appearance of this toy offer several educational benefits. It is a stimulating lacing activity with many engaging opportunities to keep toddlers busy with their hands. Aside from threading, they can also peek through the holes. There are many fun play options with this one.

The size of this toy is perfect for traveling since it is portable. However, there are some issues that I want to raise. Undoing the threaded toy can be frustrating for toddlers and can cause them to lose interest in it. Kids can also get their fingers stuck in the holes. They would need adult supervision to avoid these things from happening.
  • High-quality and durable
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Stimulating and educational
  • Great for travel
  • Can be frustrating to undo
  • Stuck fingers
Guide the caterpillar through the holes; it is a fun game that can appeal to any toddler. Moreover, it aids in their developing many essential skills that are needed to reach crucial milestones.

15. Coolplay Water Drawing Mat

Putting a toddler in a confined setting like an airplane for a long time is challenging. To keep them well-behaved, purchase some toys from Coolplay.

Take a look at this activity mat that comes with two water pens and two alphabet-themed templates. It is a water doodling mat designed to keep toddlers entertained and engaged. There are tons of drawing fun that can keep them busy for hours.

You can fold this mat effortlessly for organized storage. Besides, it comes with a handle so you can carry it with ease. Bring it anywhere you go with your toddler, and every moment can be enjoyable.

In detail, children draw with water using the magic pen. When they draw on the mat, it will show it in colorful shades. You can reuse the pages over and over again. The images and doodles will disappear in a few minutes when the water dries.

There is no need to use any toxic ink or paint. Your little one can have a safe play with the non-toxic water in the magic pens. The back part is made of waterproof nylon material to avoid any mess. Besides, the pad is made of harmless polyester.

Another impressive thing about this is it helps develop creative skills and helps in improving hand-eye coordination. The only drawback of this product is that some traces of the pen remain after using it for a while.
  • Entertaining and fun
  • Easy to store
  • Reusable pages
  • Develops creativity
  • The pattern remains after a while
These non-toxic toys for traveling on an airplane will surely be one of your kid’s favorites. It has everything you are looking for in a fantastic travel toy.

What to Look for When Buying Travel Toys for Toddlers on Airplanes


The best airplane toys for toddlers are possible to find when keeping these critical factors in mind.

  • Age and Interest

You know your child better more than anyone else. It is essential to consider their age and what suits them best when looking for a travel toy. What interests them that might get their attention and keep them entertained? When you find the answer to this question, then you are on the right path.

  • Small and lightweight

Anything bulky that can add to your heavy luggage is not ideal. Opt for small and lightweight toys that you can easily stuff into your bags.

  • Destination

How long is your travel time? How far are you going? For long trips, it is best to have a selection of toys since toddlers tend to get bored with a single toy. A few ones will suffice for a short journey, but you need several good selections of toys for long hours.

What Should I Give My Toddler Before Flying


If your child is prone to ear pain when flying, you can give them Tylenol and Benadryl to reduce the pain. For those in flight for the first time, it is always good to have some medicines handy on-board, especially when traveling far like the UK. After you are sure that they feel better, give them the best toys for airplane travel with toddlers.

How Do You Keep a Toddler Entertained on a Plane

There are many toddler travel ideas that you can consider to keep them entertained while on the plane. Playing with them and giving them your attention is a good way. A set of new travel toys is another thing that you can think about. If you are new to these, we have a buying guide and a product list that you can refer to.


After reading through everything, I hope you can find the best travel toys for toddlers on airplanes for your precious one. Even if you are traveling for the first time, the list is beneficial and will guide you through the process. The best toys for toddlers on planes are out there. You are now equipped with the knowledge to find them.

If you have a toy that is not on the list but keeps your toddler happy and entertained during travel, you can share them with us. We love hearing from you!

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