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The Best Wooden Train Sets

best wooden train sets

Model trains and miniatures are cool and realistic, but nothing beats the charm of a classic train set made of wood. The best wooden train sets let children apply themselves in an imaginative and inventive manner so they can grow and develop their skills, independence, self-esteem while having fun.

Manipulating the train pieces and the railway tracks improves your child’s sense of coordination and awareness. Apart from that, playing with trains helps children to learn neatness, order, and discipline.

Getting wooden train sets for your little toddler is a great decision. The reason I say this is the eco-friendly nature of wood which means your kiddo won’t be exposed to harmful plastic toys. Additionally, wooden toys are durable and kids can play for hours. The best part is you won’t have to worry about the breakage of these toys, as they are stronger compared to the plastic ones.

I prepare this comprehensive buying guide so you can buy the best children’s wooden train set for your active little one. I also include all the information you will need to make a good choice.


Best Wooden Train Set Reviews

These reviews are including my favourable best wooden train sets with personal evaluations of the train sets. Hope they help you in the purchase process!

1. Orbrium Triple-Loop Wooden Train Set

I think that growing children need to have uninhibited access to high-quality toys for endless fun and creative play. And that’s why they should definitely get to play with wooden toy train sets. As a toy train enthusiast, I can assure you that this Orbrium wooden train set of 100-piece is an impressive and enjoyable toy.

If you are looking for wooden train sets for toddlers, nothing can beat the excitement and fun of playing with a great starter set. set with loads of pieces. First of all, putting the pieces together and assembling the entire playset certainly put your child’s problem-solving skills to the test. Secondly, manipulating the tracks and train cars contributes to their motor skills development.

I feel the set is comprehensive and comes with all the elements necessary to build something realistic and immersive. This set comes with train engines, train cars, a bridge, cars, buildings, regular city vehicles, trees, etc. These realistic and immersive accessories provide your kid with an enticing experience. They are able to develop their sense of imagination as well.

This 100-piece train set is crafted of hand-sanded and high-quality wood, such a certified wood can last with your kids for many years. I love that this toy train set is 100% compatible with all the major toy train brands such as Brio, KidKraft, Ikea, Thomas and Friends, Chuggington, Lego, etc.

Setting up the complicated track shapes can be difficult for youngsters, so this set is best left to older children. When it comes to straight pieces, this set only comes with 3 of them. Your little kiddo can find it difficult to get proper matches with a large train table. Additionally, it’s difficult to create alternatives as well.
  • Assembles the set develops motor skills.
  • Various elements to develop problem-solving and imagination.
  • High-quality wood is durable.
  • Provides realistic and immersive accessories.
  • Compatible with all toy brands.
  • Too complicated for younger kids.
  • Limited number of straight pieces.
All in all, this is a high-quality product, and a good starter set for your enthusiastic kid. I would recommend buying it for your little one.

2. Orbrium Deluxe Wooden Toy Train Set

Wooden toy train sets are easy to play with. Older children may play with model trains properly, but that is not true for toddlers and young kids. The large and clunky pieces of wooden train sets are just perfect for small kids.

I would advise you to look into the Orbrium 52 piece deluxe set if you think about buying wooden train tracks sets. This playset contains exactly 52 pieces that your child can assemble into a comprehensive train set. Assembling the pieces correctly and constructing the entire structure help increase their spatial awareness, problem-solving, and other cognitive skills.

This train set features 3 special destinations that your child can direct the train to – increasing the range of pretend situations that they can invent. Playing with wooden trains can develop your child’s imagination and sense of wonder too.

This set has a blue bridge, a train station, and a 100% functional railroad crossing along with extra accessories like a ‘scenic village’ painting box. The box has pictures of stores, a tunnel, as well as other characters like passengers and station masters. Quite naturally, parents can now interact with their tiny tots while they play, and stimulate their vision and interaction skills.

The pieces and train set elements are all constructed out of high-quality wood that is extremely durable and safety conformance. The edges are hand-sanded so they can be safely handled by young children as well. In addition, this set is modular and can be combined with other sets.

Well, I wish they had raised the height of the bridge as the train usually gets stuck underneath the beams.
  • A deluxe set with durable wooden pieces.
  • Looks like a lively village.
  • Develops awareness, problem solving and imagination.
  • 3 unique destinations for enhanced playtime.
  • 100% safe and non-toxic.
  • The bridge is too low.
If you ask me, I would say this is a great gift for your kiddo. Basically, this is one of the best wood track train sets that you can find in any toy store.

3. Tiny Land Wooden Tracks Crane Train Set

Wooden train toys are simple and elementary toys that can be enjoyed by children of all ages – from toddlers to teenagers. However, assembling the set nicely is a complicated affair. I feel that this 60-piece kid wooden train set can keep your child busy for hours.

The key feature of this train set is a crane that comes with a magnetic loader and unloader. Your little one can unload and load cargo onto their goods train with the help of this nifty little crane. The cargo pieces are removable; they can be easily attached and removed by your toddler while they are playing.

Apart from the train, the tracks, and the crane, this wooden train set includes accessories to make the playtime experience realistic and immersive. There are railroad signals, vehicles, human figurines, etc. which enable your child to emulate all the functioning of a real-life train yard. Along with that, this toy motivates them to practice open-ended play and have fun.

Each of the elements of this wooden train set is made of beech wood of the highest quality. Beech wood is tough and will remain usable for many years. I’m also happy to know that this set is modular and the tracks are fully compatible with other well-known toy brands like Lego, Brio, etc.

Since the train tracks are made of wood, they don’t stay connected properly. You may have to position them carefully.
  • A functional magnetic crane delights your child.
  • The accessories make playtime immersive.
  • Beech wood pieces are durable.
  • Compatible with other brands.
  • The tracks don’t connect properly.
Overall, this is a great train set and is the best present for an active and imaginative little child.

4. Brio Wooden Toy Train Pack

This brand is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to toy trains sets for toddlers. They specialize in producing wooden toy train sets and their products are of the best quality. Because of that, I believe this beginner set is a marvelous toy that’s perfect for any child 18 months and older.

The age of 18 months is a receptive time and is crucial for the proper development and growth of young children. During this time, you should provide your little one with lots of stimulating and interesting toys so that they get interested in STEM concepts from an early age. This toy is just perfect for a creative little munchkin.

This Brio train set is 100% compatible with trains and tracks produced by brands like Orbrium, Melissa & Doug, and KidKraft. You can keep buying additional train and track sets and keep expanding the set that you currently have. Playing with these train toys help your child to develop and sharpen their problem-solving skills, spatial awareness skills, and imagination.

The toy train is equipped with reversible magnets and is colored brightly to attract your child’s attention. The rattle wagon makes sounds when moving to engage your child more. The tracks come with an adorable rainbow bridge you can use to teach them colors.

You should note that even though the wood quality is beyond reproach, the strength of the magnets is not strong as I expected.
  • Modular toys can teach toddlers STEM concepts.
  • 100% compatible with other toy brands.
  • Bright colors and rattle noises develop senses.
  • The price is affordable.
  • The magnets are a little bit weak.
When it comes to wooden magnetic trains, Brio’s products are good and this train set is a worthwhile purchase.

5. KidKraft Construction Wooden Train Set

I think that toddlers should be provided with a bunch of educational and entertaining toys that support the development of their strengths and brains. This wooden train set is one of the most comprehensive and exciting toys ever. The 61-piece miniature train set that offers bustling mining play will truly entice your little one.

In my opinion, the best feature of this toy set is that it comes in a sturdy and attractive storage box. The bucket top of the storage box actually doubles as one of the components of the entire train set. The set is full of creative industrial and mining details that are designed to spur the imagination of the child.

This is one of the classic wood train sets that come with a lovely modern twist. The magnetic train included in the set stops next to a mining quarry with an excavator and a bulldozer in it. The set comes with a working crane that assists your child to load and unload cargo onto the train.

This toy improves the imaginations and spatial awareness of your toddler while helps them understand the basic mechanics behind mining and industrial processes. Assembling the entire 61-piece playset takes time, which benefits in sharpening the problem-solving capabilities of your talented little one.

However, this set can be expensive and the price can be a deterrent for first-time gift buyers.
  • The storage box is convenient for parents.
  • Mining details are realistic and immersive.
  • Sharpens your kid’s problem-solving skills.
  • Strong and durable as made of premium wood.
  • This set is expensive.
Despite its steep price, this premium toy set would be the perfect present for an energetic and imaginative little boy.

6. Kipipol Wooden Toy Train Tracks Set

This is one of the most affordable and high-quality sets of wooden train track components that you can find. All of the pieces in this set are made of high-quality wood and it is perfect for toddlers, schoolchildren, and teenagers as well.

If your child is interested in trains, then I am sure that they will just love this train set. This set comes with 31 wooden train tracks, which are designed to connect in a modular format. Additionally, this train set comes with 3 magnetic trains, an exciting helicopter, 3 wooden cars, and a bus station.

Well, there’s no denying that this is a comprehensive playset for early education. It can help your little one to practice enjoyable and exciting open-ended play sessions. Assembling a complete train track can sharpen their sense of general spatial awareness as well as improve their muscular and hand-eye coordination. Setting up the playset also contributes to promoting their problem-solving abilities and showcasing their ability to innovate and ideate.

This train set is specially designed to be compatible with toy trains of well-known brands such as Thomas and Friends, Brio, KidKraft, etc. The modular nature of this toy allows your kid to expand and create something innovative and beautiful. I think these great toys bring out the best in kids.

The tracks can only be single layout arranged, which can get frustrating for energetic and active kids.
  • Develops muscular and hand-eye coordination.
  • Promotes problem solving and innovation skills.
  • Loads of parts develop the imagination.
  • The toy train set is affordable.
  • The layout can get boring.
This is a stunning wooden train set and will definitely become your child’s favorite toy within a short time.

7. Right Track Toys Wooden Train Set

Wooden train sets are a lot of fun to play with but most playsets usually have only one or two fixed layouts. There is little scope for kids to branch out and construct their unique scenarios and stories. Thereby, I recommend these wooden train track pieces for expansion; they are perfect for such plans.

This box includes 52 pieces of wooden train tracks that are of high quality. Each piece is made of polished hardwood like beech and birch and displays a high level of craftsmanship. On top of that, each piece has been hand-sanded down to smooth edges and corners. Subsequently, your toddlers don’t cut themselves accidentally while playing.

Let me tell you that this extension set is comprehensive and includes a straight track, a curved track, and a curved switch track as well. With the help of this fantastic wooden train track set, your child can come up with creative scenarios of their own. The wooden track pieces are all modular and can be easily attached to one another.

I love how these tracks are built to be compatible with almost all the major toy train brands. Each train track piece is 100% reversible for easy assembly. Apart from wooden and magnetic trains, this wooden track set for expansion is compatible with a wide range of battery-operated and electric trains.

I’d advise you to get another set of tracks if you own an Ikea train because they don’t fit well.
  • Made of high-quality wood for durability.
  • Edges are hand-sanded for safety.
  • Compatible with almost every brand.
  • Allows children to develop innovation.
  • It doesn’t support Ikea trains.
On the whole, this is a useful accessory to invest in if your little one likes wooden train sets.

8. Play22 Wooden and Magnetic Train Set

If you are purchasing additional toy trains for toddlers and young children to play with their train track, I would advise you to get this train set. It is brightly colored and easy to play with. At the same time, the toys are well-made enough to enhance the child’s overall muscular development and hand-eye coordination.

If you look at wooden train set reviews, you will find that the Play22 12-piece wooden magnetic train set consistently receives high marks. This is because of the high quality and functionality of these wooden trains. These wooden train pieces have been skillfully crafted and colored brightly with visually stimulating primary colors.

Since there are 12 pieces, they can be further divided into 3 trains consisting of 4 cars each. There is a locomotive that has been designed to look extremely realistic and immersive. It pulls behind it three brightly colored passenger cars that are cute and attractive. Each train car has been fit with a moderately strong magnet for convenience.

Playing with these trains develops your child’s problem-solving skills and cognitive ability. You can use the train toys to teach them all about colors and counting. The trains are compatible with train tracks made by a number of brands. What I’d like to point out is these toy trains are great for kids with special needs.

However, one thing I would like to mention is that these trains are clumsy and can easily fall off the track.
  • Bright colors are visually stimulating.
  • Varied pieces develop the imagination.
  • String magnets increase convenience.
  • Affordable price and high quality.
  • Falls off the track easily.
If you have a set of wooden tracks lying around, you should get these trains and have loads of fun.

9. Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway Set

It is a well-known toy brand that makes the best train sets for toddler kids and growing children. Their railway set is a comprehensive playset that will keep your child’s mind and hands engrossed for long. Their brain and their coordination will develop at the same time.

This set has literally every single thing that a budding train fanatic will appreciate and enjoy. First things first, this set contains a 6-piece freight train that even has removable cargo that can be loaded and unloaded. Apart from the freight train, there is a passenger train so that your little one can ferry all the passengers.

Apart from the trains, this set comes with a flatbed truck that can be loaded and accessorized with the cargo. To make the playtime experience realistic, immersive, and exciting, the manufacturers have provided a lot of exciting accessories. There is a lovely railway bridge, a freight yard, a crossing signal, and cool raised tracks.

These high quality wooden train tracks are not monotonous nor boring. These tracks can be reconfigured into countless interesting track arrangements to keep playtime fun and interesting. I love how the manufacturers have included a magnetic and fully functional crane.

The best thing about this railway set is the ‘easy-to-assemble’ nature, which makes it easier for little children to play with it. The set has almost 100 wooden tracks and supports, along with 30 exciting accessories. Your kiddo can polish his/her motor skills learning by playing with them. You will also come across four different track configurations which make the play sessions even more engaging for children.

However, this wooden train set is actually rather pricey. It can be intimidating for first-time gift buyers.
  • Freight train and passenger train for a fun playtime.
  • Lots of accessories for immersive playtime.
  • Tracks can be reconfigured for fun.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Crane is magnetic.
  • It is rather expensive.
This is a nice toy set and would be the perfect birthday present for an active and imaginative child.

10. KidKraft Wooden Toy Train Set

If you are looking for an impressive and high-quality gift for a young train lover, then I would recommend you buying the KidKraft waterfall mountain. It’s a beautiful and complex wooden train set that will keep your little one busy for hours and hours.

I would ask you to note that this purchase grants you a huge table and all the 120+ elements of the waterfall mountain wooden train set. The top of the table is set with felt. Plus, the edges are lipped and raised so that the pieces don’t fall. The train table itself is made of high-quality MDF that is easy to clean and maintain.

The wooden pieces of the train set can be arranged to create a beautiful and sophisticated system that consists of loads of fun elements. Arranging all of these parts help to strengthen your child’s motor skills, coordination, and problem-solving ability. Creating a functional wooden train set in a limited space also improves and enhances their developing sense of spatial awareness.

The train tracks are compatible with all major brands, so this amazing table can immediately transform into a Brio train table. These features are cool but my favorite thing about this toy is that it comes with three large storage containers. They are provided for your convenience and comfort.

Assembling the table is a little difficult because the assembly instructions included in the pack are rather convoluted and confusing.
  • A huge tabletop encourages teamwork and cooperation.
  • The high-quality MDF table is easy to clean.
  • The set helps improve motor skills, coordination, etc.
  • Compatible with other brands.
  • Complicated assembly.
I think that this is a fantastic purchase and would be the perfect birthday gift for any young train enthusiast.

11. ToysOpoly Wooden Toy Train Set

This 55-piece wooden toy train set is a wonderful product for some reasons. You will be amazed by its premium quality and the way it stimulates your kids’ active and creative.

First of all, all the pieces are made of premium quality beech wood. Beech wood is tough and durable and that is why this toy will last your kids for many years. Another important factor is that beechwood is eco-friendly and safe for your kiddo to play with.

Secondly, this train set is comprehensive and loaded with lots of interesting components. Assembling the entire set may take your child some time but this helps enhance their problem-solving capabilities. This set includes 4 toy trains, a car, a red bridge, signals, buildings, and other accessories. This makes the play experience more immersive and realistic.

Thirdly, this entire set is priced affordably and yet it is compatible with all the products made by well-known brands like Ikea, Brio, and Melissa & Doug. This allows your child to play with high quality compatible wooden toys without having to spend extra on the big brand names. The best part is you can expand their existing toy train set as well.

The product is 100% safe for toddlers and tiny tots. You would be happy to find that each piece is individually hand-sanded to remove any dangerous sharp edges and corners. The paints and varnishes used for the trains, bridges, etc. are completely non-toxic and certified safe by third-party labs.

This is a great toy, but I discovered that the tracks are not compatible with the Thomas toy trains.
  • Beech wood pieces are durable.
  • Interesting components to engage your child.
  • Compatible with well-known toy brands.
  • The toy is safe to play with.
  • Not compatible with Thomas & Friends toys.
This is an affordable and high-quality toy that I would highly recommend as a present for your tiny tot.

12. Tiny Land Wooden Toy Train Set

If you have an energetic toddler who doesn’t sit still, then this toy train set will be the solution to all your problems. This train set includes 39 unique wooden elements that your baby is able to put together to create a fully functional and beautiful wooden railway track. It also comes with expandable track designs thus helping your little one to engage in immersive play sessions.

I would like to point out that the parts of this toy train set are all made out of polished beech wood, which is much tougher than pine and fir. Each individual piece is handcrafted by skilled woodworkers. All the edges and corners are hand-sanded as well for better protection.

This set is versatile as well since it features a lot of interesting elements that can keep your child occupied for hours. There are curved tracks, raised tracks, bridges, crossing signals, etc. to develop your child’s imagination. Your child is enabled to use all the accessories to create something realistic and beautiful.

Lastly, another necessary feature that makes me cherish towards wooden train sets is its compatibility. This affordable 39-piece wooden toy train set is compatible with almost every major toy train brand. If you already have a Brio or an Ikea wooden train set, they are 100% compatible with the reversible train tracks included in this set.

The curved track is sharp and motorized trains tend to bend and tip over once they reach that part.
  • Polished beech wood is durable and tough.
  • Edges/Corners are hand-sanded and safe.
  • Versatile elements keep your child occupied.
  • Affordable and compatible.
  • The curved track is sharp.
  • The motorized trains bend and tip over.
This is a beautiful toy train set and would be the perfect present for an imaginative and energetic little child.

13. SainSmart Jr. Wooden Toy Train Set

When it comes to affordable and cheap wooden train sets, I think that this SainSmart Jr. 37-piece set is one of the best. Bearing that in mind, I consider this set as a great gift choice in terms of price tags.

The important factors to consider when buying kids’ toys are their material and craftsmanship. I like that this cheap set carries a sense of good quality. Each train and piece of this track is made of highly polished Australian birch and beech wood. These woods are extremely durable and high quality too.

The design and layout of the tracks are versatile even though the number of pieces is not that large. Your child can have a nice time arranging the tracks in their preferred way and running trains on them. Manipulating the tracks and arranging the layout also contributes to developing your kid’s coordination and motor skills.

I love that the train tracks are double-sided and reversible. They can be used on both sides, making it suitable for young children/toddlers who don’t know which way is up. Each track piece has been hand-sanded to ensure that there are no dangerous sharp edges and corners.

The set is compatible with most of the well-known toy train brands that you can find in the US. The trains themselves are connected with the help of strong magnets. If your child likes this set, you can get additional expansion packs for them too.

I have noticed that these tracks are not compatible with motorized train engines like Thomas & Friends and Lego Duplo toys.
  • Quality train set at an affordable price
  • Australian beech and birch wood parts are durable.
  • Develops motor skills and coordination.
  • Tracks are double-sided and safe.
  • Compatible with well-known brands.
  • Not compatible with motorized toys.
If your little one is interested in trains, then this gorgeous wooden toy train set is the perfect starting point.

14. On Track USA Wooden Train Set

If you want to introduce your child to model trains, I would definitely recommend you consider this 35-piece wooden toy train set. Even though it is simple, it is sophisticated enough to keep your child engaged for hours. It comes in a lovely plastic container for storage.

This set consists of two different types of unique straight train tracks and curvy tracks, along with a 3-piece wooden train with magnetic linkages. Apart from these pieces, the manufacturer has included accessories like houses, human figures, crossing signals, etc. to make the playtime experience realistic and immersive. I would recommend you to get an expansion pack later on.

The pieces of the set are made of high-quality beech wood and are designed to last for many years. If they are preserved properly, you will be able to give them as hand-me-downs to other children as well.

This track and its components are 100% compatible with the toy trains made by well-known toy brands in the country. Quite naturally, your tiny tot will get plenty of options to play with other toy train sets as well.

Every individual piece is hand-sanded to ensure that there are no dangerous sharp edges and corners. Let me tell you that the pieces are large; therefore, worry-free of choking hazards. The paint used for the trains and other pieces is completely free of any toxic materials like lead, BPA, phthalates, etc.

I would be happier with this product if the track pieces would have been a little more organized and not clumsy.
  • A good starter set
  • Sophisticated parts keep your child engaged.
  • Components are realistic and immersive.
  • High-quality wood is durable and compatible.
  • 100% safe and non-toxic.
  • The track pieces are clumsy.
In spite of the clumsy track pieces, this is a worthwhile buy and is perfect for toddlers and kids.

15. KidKraft Mountain Wooden Toy Train Set

KidKraft’s wooden train sets are cool since they are loaded with fun accessories that make the playtime experience immersive and memorable. This bucket top train set is a high-quality product that is just perfect for growing kids. It develops their motor skills and cognitive abilities.

Most of the components of this playset are made of top-quality birch or beech wood, which is polished and hand-sanded for the safety of your child. You should know that beech and birch are hard and durable, getting them last for a long time. Since they are wood, the pieces are easy to clean too.

I love the high level of detail that the manufacturers have provided to all pieces in this playset. The smart detail and versatile nature of the tracks also encourage your child to be imaginative.

Apart from a brightly colored toy train, the set contains a police station, a crossing signal, a bridge, and a bucket top waterfall and mountain. This piece doubles as the lid of the durable storage container of the toys thus making it easier to keep the toys organized. As a result, the play sessions will be quite exciting for your little one.

The construction of the track pieces and the additional accessories are sturdy. The smart detail and versatile nature of the tracks also encourage your child to be imaginative. Lastly, this entire train playset is priced affordably.

The magnets on the train are weak and they fall apart easily, so that should be corrected immediately.
  • Develops motor skills and cognitive abilities.
  • High-quality wood is durable.
  • Highly detailed toys encourage imagination.
  • Provides convenient plastic storage box
  • Affordable price and sturdy construction.
  • The train magnets are weak.
This is a good wooden train set for an imaginative child. I think this is a great purchase.

What to Look for While Buying Wooden Toy Train Sets


Here are some of the important factors that you should consider while shopping for a wooden toy train set for your kid. I have included these factors to help narrow down your choices and pick the best one.

  • Type of Wood Used: The quality and type of wood used in making the toy is an important consideration that you should make. In my opinion, the best wooden trains are made of natural hardwoods like beech and birch. They are durable and can be easily cleaned.
  • Brand of the Toy: The toy brand will have a major bearing upon the quality of the toy that you get. You can get one of the pricey brands like Melissa & Doug, Brio, etc. but I am sure you’ll find great products from brands like KidKraft.
  • Age of the Child: If you are looking for a toy for your 18-month-old or toddler, you should get a simple and brightly colored train set toy. It stimulates their newly formed senses and muscle systems. For older kids, I would recommend something more sophisticated.
  • Complexity of the Toy: Wooden toy train sets have to be assembled properly and only then can they be played with. You shouldn’t get your kid something too easy or too difficult. The former will end up boring them, and more worst that frustrate them and decrease their confidence later on.

The toy train set should be in compliance with the age of the kid. A highly complex set for a small kid can disrupt their growth, while an over-simplified one won’t contribute much to cognitive development.

  • Versatility of the Toy: You will notice that a lot of the wooden toy train sets are 100% compatible with the products made by well-known brands like Thomas & Friends, Brio, Chuggington, etc. This versatility and compatibility is an important consideration you should make while you’re shopping for toys.

This ability allows you to have more alternatives when some pieces are cracked or missed. Further is giving extensions with more train set versions to enrich kids’ ideas and inspire connection plus engagement.

  • Safety of the Toy: Poorly made wooden toys usually have sharp edges and corners that can injure your child. You should pick a wooden train set where the pieces have sanded/rounded edges to eliminate injuries. It is important to check whether the product meets international safety standards. To be more precise, check whether the material has the following certificates: BPA-safe, Eco-safe, Lead-safe, phthalates-safe, or CPSIA approved.
  • Benefits of the Toy: Playing with wooden trains helps to develop your child’s sense of spatial awareness and problem-solving abilities. These are key skills that your child needs throughout their life. Playing with the pieces also develops their motor skills and enhances their hand-eye coordination too.

Another important aspect is the screen-free nature, which means your little one will be away from electronic devices. Most importantly, you should take care that the toy lets them engage in role-play, imaginative, and hands-on gaming sessions.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What are the wooden train sets?

Wooden train sets are basically model trains that are carved out of wood. Wooden trains have been in existence for a long time, and have been a popular toy since the early 1900s. Over the years, these toys have advanced greatly as well.

Initially, these train sets are simple and made out of rough wood. Ever since production processes became more sophisticated, these toys have advanced a lot as well. Modern wooden train sets are beautiful, brightly colored toys designed to bring out and enhance many kids’ skills such as problem-solving, creative capabilities, etc.

How wooden train sets work?

Wooden train sets are basic and they have a simple mechanism. The train cars are made of wood and featured with smooth wheels for free movement. The train tracks have grooves to accept the moving wheels of the train.

The trains and other components are made of high-quality wood, and they are polished and hand-sanded down to rounded edges. They are colored with bright colors to attract the attention of youngsters. The train cars stay connected to one another with the help of moderately strong magnets.

What are the different types of wooden toy train sets?

Wooden toy train sets are rather homogeneous, so there is no great difference between the different types of wooden trains. The only aspect in which they are different is the level of complexity and sophistication in the tracks setup.

For younger children, the tracks and pieces are large, chunky, and brightly colored. The setup is relatively simple and intuitive. The older the child, the more sophisticated the setup of the entire track is. If your kid is a fan of cartoons, you can choose Thomas the train table.

Why do you need wooden toy train track sets?

Wooden trains are a simplistic toy, but they have a lot of hidden benefits and advantages. First of all, manipulating the pieces and arranging the tracks can actually develop your child’s gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and overall hand-eye coordination.

Secondly, playing and arranging a sophisticated set of parts enhances their problem-solving skills and other cognitive abilities. Trains are meticulous and ordered systems, and playing with train sets can teach them to be structured and neat. I’ve realized that they impart a good sense of spatial awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions


To help dispel and clear up any doubts that you might have, I have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions. I usually receive those queries from readers and first-time customers. I have included all of them for your benefit and convenience.

What are the most trusted wooden train set brands?

Some of the most premium and trusted wooden train set brands include Orbrium, KidKraft, and ToysOpoly. Apart from these brands, you can invest in the higher-priced toys manufactured and sold by brands like Brio, Melissa & Doug, Chuggington, etc.

Are wooden toy train sets interchangeable?

Actually, most wooden toy train sets have tracks and pieces that are compatible with each other. Generally, a track from any brand 100% compatible and interchangeable with trains and tracks produced by another brand. So, I would say that they are.

What is the most favorite wooden train set for a toddler?

I would like to remind you that a young child has a limited sense of motility and grace. So they won’t be able to use something too complicated. They should get something simple yet moderately challenging.

What is the top-rated wooden train set for a little girl?

I would like to inform you that there are not many boys or girls wooden train sets. It’s important to remember that a major number of these toys are gender-blind, and everything comes down to the age and preferences of your little one.

If you wish to get a train set for your girl child, you can browse through options like Fairy Town train sets, Princess Train sets, or a set has Fairy figures. Check out the sets that come with the attractive pink color.

Where can I buy a wooden train set?

Wooden train sets are fairly ubiquitous and you will be able to find good quality pieces in any generic toy store. You can try department stores like Walmart, Target, etc. Apart from that, you can always try Amazon.

How should I use a wooden train set?

First of all, you have to assemble the train tracks and the entire setup on a flat surface. For this, you can use a tabletop or the floor. Once the tracks/structures are in place, you can place the train.

How to care for and clean a wooden train set?

Wooden train sets are easy to care for and clean. The polished wood can be easily cleaned with the help of a disinfectant spray and a clean fabric. You should clean the pieces up and dry them before storing them away.


Well, there’s no denying that this is the sort of toy that helps your child to become imaginative, innovative, and smart. While playing with these sets, their motor skills can be developed and motivated them to become adept at problem-solving.

So this is it! This is basically every bit of important information that you could possibly need to make a decision about the best wooden train sets for your little one. Now you have all the desired assistance while shopping!

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